Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just in time for FALL!!

Holy smokes!!
 I know you can't see me but I am dusting off the virtual cobwebs on my blog! I haven't blogged since DECEMBER! UGH! 
So mad at myself! 
I was suppose to blog about Paris's 3rd birthday (since it was an AWESOME birthday party!)I wanted to blog about Christmas, spring, Easter, summer, our trips to the mountains....but as you can see I have not blogged about none of the above :( Seriously upset that I don't make more time for it. 
I love blogging since I have such a bad memory, what an awesome resource to record your daily living and memories!
Ok, so enough said about my lame tendencies, I am back and will make more of an attempt to blog more! :)
So the above picture was the FIRST pic I took of Paris modeling the owl charm necklace I made her.....I should have just stopped there because the below pics are what I got after the first....

Then this....
I happen to pay her in candy for her services, the last 2 pics are the pics taken after the candy was already eaten, ha! So in other wards the cooperation for picture taking was OVER!

My husband and I always talk about how our middle child (who just turned 6) was going to be our trouble money is now on the girl! baahahaahaa! Don't get me wrong, she can be as sweet as they come but she is also as silly as they come! 
Can't you tell from the pics?! ;)

Who LOVES the fall?! I seriously think it's my FAVORITE time of the year and here in VA I always feel as if I am robbed of a true fall! Its so hot one moment then freezing the never know how to dress! Last Monday we had an awesome fall day and I had the doors and windows open I was in heaven for that one day! The other days since then hasn't been as fabulous...come on fall! STAY for a while, I don't mind! 

Well, all this talk about fall has inspired me to share with you my new charm bracelet! I have been slowly collecting the right sort of beads, pearls and charms for this bracelet. Normally when I do a charm bracelet I just use what I have on hand and go for it but I actually planned this one and guess's just for us WOMEN! :) Not for little girls but us grown girls :) I must admit I love these charm bracelets as much as my daughter does! Of course if you would like one for your daughter that is more than fine, I can do a little girls version.

I still don't have my brown owls in (ugh! I HATE over seas shipping!) but they should be here any day. I went ahead and made with my dark purple owls since they were dark and should give you the idea of what the dark brown will look like. I have been waiting for almost a week to share (ya know, waiting on the brown owls) but decided last night that I couldn't wait any longer! So just pretend that the purple owl charms are BROWN because that will  be the color of owl charms on the bracelet (NOT PURPLE ;)

Here is a close up...
I just LOVE LOVE the wooden squirrel ( yes, made of real wood!) holding his acorn! :)

Cool part is that you can personalize yours with your first initial!! Here is a graphic image with the letter "P" and a white pumpkin is peeking at the bottom.

What is your favorite fall color!? 
I have a lot! 
 I ADORE creams with browns, embers, champagne, gold, burgundy....Right now my favorite fall outfit is a tweed riding jacket with skinny jeans, knee high boots and a lovely scarf and of course I will be wearing this bracelet! ;) I may get one of my kids to attempt to take a  pic of me wearing it, haaha! 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Find of the year!

Ok, for those who do not know me that well should know that I LOVE me a good deal!
 Who doesn't?!?
 I think I actually cherish items that I got for free vs an item that I paid top dollar for.
 I don't know why it's that way but it is.
On the way home today my husband calls me up saying he saw a sofa in someones yard, he asks if they were getting rid of it and the answer was YES! 
It was FREE! 
Below is a picture of another sofa settee that we got for free from a family friend, passed down from his great grandmother....of course we did not receive it in this was actually in worse condition than our newest find. 

I had it covered in this green velvet since I felt that green was pretty much a neutral and would go with just about any floral fabric! (I like floral fabrics ;)

Ok so my dilemma is what color or fabric choice do I get the newest settee covered in?? The green one you see above is currently in my daughters room and I would LOVE to replace it with the new one, the new one is much smaller and petite, perfect for a little girls room :) Here are some pics I found via pinterest of some that I like.....
LOVE, LOVE keeping it neutral so that I can change out the pillows to whatever color I please :)
Here is another neutral option but with gold leaf trim vs white. Casually elegant.
Here is brown, but think I'd prefer the other neutrals.
Ok, this one really speaks to my shabby chic side!!! LOVE IT IN PINK!!!!!
This pink one is TDF!!!!!! I think I'm leaning towards pink!! Yes? :) Comments wanted!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons. I think it's a toss up between fall and spring for me :) 
I enjoy the just about every detail that comes with fall. Pumpkin pie (with vanilla bean ice cream!!), knee high boots, my favorite sweaters coming out of storage, starbucks, Halloween, Thanksgiving, the changing of leaves, walks down a trail covered in fallen leaves, the smell of leaves....I could go on and on. 
Today I took my daughter out for a mini photo shoot to take pictures of my newest flower and had no idea where I was going to go. 
I knew I wanted it to be in the woods (a nice place in the woods where there are NO visible spiders!) with lots and lots of leaves. 
I didn't want to drive far (time management) so I just drove around until I found a nice place about 7-8 min from where I live. And get this, it had trails, BONUS!
 I can't wait to go back when I have more time to just walk and take in everything about nature that I love. 
The new flower that you see if my first ever done with a tutorial! Yup. 
Everything else I have ever made was made by me just playing with fabrics and seeing what I could make with them :) 
Me and anything with directions just do not get along! I am more of a figure-it-out-as-I-go person or I just wing it. I got this tutorial from Snazzie Drawers, ever heard of her? 
She's fabulous and puts my creations to shame!
 I just wish I knew how to sew better so that I could buy one of her sewing tutorials. I've been wanting to offer a different style of flower since I tend to get bored doing the same style over and over again. 
This is Snazzie Drawers London Tea Rose Tutorial and I made this one with an eco friendly felt and LOVE the results! Hope you like it too :)

I have fallen out of the blog world and I would love to get back in. I do love reading other blogs and being inspired by others that write blogs. 
I have a couple of other tutorials that I have attempted and can't wait to share them with you! Stay tuned....

Saturday, November 12, 2011

My FIRST Matilda Jane Trunk Show!!

Ok, you can't see me but I am virtually dusting off the cob webs on my blog! PHEW! It's been a looong time since I have taken the time to do a blog spot. I have good reason to. I am hosting my FIRST ever Matilda Jane Clothing trunk show!! I am super excited about it too! The picture you see above is my FIRST ever MJC purchase, sad to say I bought it off of ebay and paid over retail for it. At the time I don't think I even knew it was MJC. I got it in the mail and fell in love. About a month or so later I had a friend hosting a MJC trunk show, at the time I had no idea what a trunk show was. I knew and trusted the lady hosting the show so I went ahead and bought several outfits from her show.....I was in love! Below are some of the outfits I got from their last fall collection, Field Trip....
Since then I have slowly transformed my daughters wardrobe into a Matilda Jane Clothing wardrobe! What I like about MJC is that not everyone down the street is wearing this brand. They have managed to become a highly sought after brand and most of the time if you do not order as soon as they release their spring or fall collection chances are there will be sell outs. I make sure I order asap to make sure I get the pcs I want! I must also mention how versatile their pcs are! I don't know how MJC manages it but items that I have bought LAST summer and fall still fit my daughter and it's been over a year! What's not to love about that!
Here are some from their spring collection, House of Clouds, from earlier this year...

Right now MJC is doing a wonderful promotion! If you spend $250 you will get the messenger bag (that you can get a look at if you click, here) for FREE, this weekend only! I have heard that this bag is fabulous!!! Another awesome deal is that no matter how big or small that your order is shipping is only $4 shipped to your door! Now that is awesome! Anytime there is a good shipping deal going on, I'm there! If you are not interested in the bag, no worries! No order is too small :) If you just want a pair of tights that is more than fine!
 They released their fall line, You and Me the 1st of Aug and there is still a lot of wonderful items you can still get! Here are just some of the pcs that I had ordered from their new fall collection...

The 2nd pic above was one that I took right when she got out of the shower (wasn't really in the mood for pics, ha!;)
Please don't think MJC is just for woman with girls! They released their BEST EVER woman's line this fall! So women, take a look by scrolling to the bottom of the page, here.
Above is a pic of a dress from their Home Room collection!! PERFECT for the girl that may have a dress code for the school that they attend. My daughter doesn't go to school yet but I still ordered from this collection since it was perfect for basics and also perfect for accessorizing to your hearts content :) And ya'll know how I love to accessorize!

So with the promotion going on and awesome shipping rate, now is the best time to start your MJC collection (if you haven't started already;)
Feel free to look at their entire collections Here
Email me at so that I can get you started on setting up your order. My show is for this weekend only so do NOT delay!!!! 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Getting ready for a big girl room

I haven't had a lot of time to blog but came across this picture and it got me thinking about how I need to start getting ready for Paris's BIG girl room.....I am so not ready for that!
I took this picture around this time last year. I sent it with my girlfriend, Stephanie, so she could take it to Furniture Market in High Point N.C.
RACHEL ASHWELL was going to be there and Stephanie (who is a buyer for the furniture store I use to work at) was going to have Rachel sign the picture for me :O) Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! {hint: I'm a BIG shabby chic fan!!!!!}
I had ordered Paris's baby bedding from Rachel Ashwell's online boutique right before she closed her doors {she has since reopened, yay!} So I thought how perfect it would be to have a signed pic for her room:)
I am now thinking of what to do with her room to make it into her big girl room. I've lowered her bar to her crib {to get her use to being able to get in an out of her bed} to find a bed. I had refinished (or should I say my husband) my old furniture. I want to keep that but I am in need for a bed....thinking of making her an upholstered headboard or go shopping for antique iron bed....still unsure.
My dilemma is what you see in the next picture....
You can kind of see in this picture, my french settee....I am NOT about to get rid of it and we currently only have room for it in Paris's room. It fits nicely in there with her crib, but not sure how it's going to work with a twin size bed, ah! The dilemma!!!

You can kind of see (in the background) where the crib and settee almost meet....thinking I'm going to have to go the daybed route:( Which I really don't want to! But who knows, I may find some fabulous iron antique daybed somewhere, somehow.....let the searching begin! I'll keep you guys updated:)

Friday, March 18, 2011

American Girl Easter hat and sash

Phew! What a day!
Actually it's been quite a few busy days here lately!:)
I feel so blessed, I really do!
I've had constant orders pouring in since the beginning of January.
 I've been dreaming of this mini hat for a couple of weeks now and just haven't had the time to put aside and make it AND take pics:) Every Easter , when I was a little girl, I knew one thing.....I got to wear an Easter hat and gloves with my new dress!
I also have another one planned which is very similar to this one but it's natural colored hat with all white feathers and flowers:)
Same butterfly to.
I'm going to offer this hat at a special price until a week before Easter. If orders come flowing in I may stop taking orders sooner than that. I never know how well an item will sell until it's listed. Some sell right away and then others take a couple of weeks and then start selling like unpredictable:)
BUT don't wait on placing your order on this mini hat!! Especially if you're wanting it for Easter! I have been quoting 2 weeks as my turnaround time BUT I'm going to quote 2-3 weeks on regular purchases and focus on Easter orders since that is right around the corner!!!
Sooooo expect 2 weeks on Easter orders (maybe sooner) and 2-3 weeks on merchandise that is not needed until after Easter, hope that makes sense. This of course is my time frame for U.S. shipping.
I named this hat the American Girl hat because for some reason it reminds me of some of the hats that the American Girl Dolls wear but with my twist on them;) It's extremely sweet looking on and I have 2 ways you can attach it, one is with a thin stretch headband (that is sewed onto the hat) or with 2 clips (that are placed under the brim on either side) that attach to the hair. The one Paris is wearing is with a skinny stretch headband that is very stretchy.

Here are some pics of my youngest son Princeton. Once he found out I was taking Paris out for pics with her Easter dress on he wanted to join in on the fun......with his Easter clothes on as well, minus his blazer, its 81 over here right now?!?!!:)
I love that boy, lol!
The pic below is one of Princeton telling his sister how to pose.....
And this is the pic I got......

These two FIGHT so much! But they also have started to play well with each other! Hurrah!
Here is Paris trying to console Princeton, he had something in his eye.....

One more....

I am going to list the hat in my shop for $24.50 and the sash for $18.50. If you would like a hat and need a different color scheme, that shouldn't be a problem. I just may not be able to do much custom orders....for now:) Don't get me wrong, I LOVE custom orders and sometimes I feel like my best work comes from custom orders but they also take a lot more time to do and we are on a time crunch baby! :)
I'm sorry this is so last minute but better late than never.....right?!?
If you think you would like the natural hat with all white, I can set up a listing for you, it will be the same price as this hat. Happy Friday everyone!:)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Winner!!

I'm sorry that I have to post winners on my blog but I'm playing it safe! Facebook has rules about doing giveaways and what not and I am a play-it-by-the-rules type of person!:) I spent the past 30 min looking for those dern rules and now I can't find them, once I do I will post a link;)

I took the day off yesterday and we went to Richmond VA to visit their outdoor malls:) I got to visit Anthropologie, Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. We have some of those stores where I live but they are much smaller than the ones in Richmond.  I am SO in LOVE with this Industrial Chic look that is exploding everywhere! It's making it very hard for me to do soft, feminine shabby chic to my house (I'm about to redo some of my downstairs in shabby chic) here is one of the items I have to have (or a much cheaper replica ;)
It's a miniature dress form. I have already come up with SO MANY ways on how I would use this lil gal!!!! :) Ok, so on with the new winner....
I had to pick a new winner since the last one did not contact me. REBECCA BARNETT please email me with your address please:) Princynparis


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