Sunday, December 4, 2011

Find of the year!

Ok, for those who do not know me that well should know that I LOVE me a good deal!
 Who doesn't?!?
 I think I actually cherish items that I got for free vs an item that I paid top dollar for.
 I don't know why it's that way but it is.
On the way home today my husband calls me up saying he saw a sofa in someones yard, he asks if they were getting rid of it and the answer was YES! 
It was FREE! 
Below is a picture of another sofa settee that we got for free from a family friend, passed down from his great grandmother....of course we did not receive it in this was actually in worse condition than our newest find. 

I had it covered in this green velvet since I felt that green was pretty much a neutral and would go with just about any floral fabric! (I like floral fabrics ;)

Ok so my dilemma is what color or fabric choice do I get the newest settee covered in?? The green one you see above is currently in my daughters room and I would LOVE to replace it with the new one, the new one is much smaller and petite, perfect for a little girls room :) Here are some pics I found via pinterest of some that I like.....
LOVE, LOVE keeping it neutral so that I can change out the pillows to whatever color I please :)
Here is another neutral option but with gold leaf trim vs white. Casually elegant.
Here is brown, but think I'd prefer the other neutrals.
Ok, this one really speaks to my shabby chic side!!! LOVE IT IN PINK!!!!!
This pink one is TDF!!!!!! I think I'm leaning towards pink!! Yes? :) Comments wanted!


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