Friday, March 18, 2011

American Girl Easter hat and sash

Phew! What a day!
Actually it's been quite a few busy days here lately!:)
I feel so blessed, I really do!
I've had constant orders pouring in since the beginning of January.
 I've been dreaming of this mini hat for a couple of weeks now and just haven't had the time to put aside and make it AND take pics:) Every Easter , when I was a little girl, I knew one thing.....I got to wear an Easter hat and gloves with my new dress!
I also have another one planned which is very similar to this one but it's natural colored hat with all white feathers and flowers:)
Same butterfly to.
I'm going to offer this hat at a special price until a week before Easter. If orders come flowing in I may stop taking orders sooner than that. I never know how well an item will sell until it's listed. Some sell right away and then others take a couple of weeks and then start selling like unpredictable:)
BUT don't wait on placing your order on this mini hat!! Especially if you're wanting it for Easter! I have been quoting 2 weeks as my turnaround time BUT I'm going to quote 2-3 weeks on regular purchases and focus on Easter orders since that is right around the corner!!!
Sooooo expect 2 weeks on Easter orders (maybe sooner) and 2-3 weeks on merchandise that is not needed until after Easter, hope that makes sense. This of course is my time frame for U.S. shipping.
I named this hat the American Girl hat because for some reason it reminds me of some of the hats that the American Girl Dolls wear but with my twist on them;) It's extremely sweet looking on and I have 2 ways you can attach it, one is with a thin stretch headband (that is sewed onto the hat) or with 2 clips (that are placed under the brim on either side) that attach to the hair. The one Paris is wearing is with a skinny stretch headband that is very stretchy.

Here are some pics of my youngest son Princeton. Once he found out I was taking Paris out for pics with her Easter dress on he wanted to join in on the fun......with his Easter clothes on as well, minus his blazer, its 81 over here right now?!?!!:)
I love that boy, lol!
The pic below is one of Princeton telling his sister how to pose.....
And this is the pic I got......

These two FIGHT so much! But they also have started to play well with each other! Hurrah!
Here is Paris trying to console Princeton, he had something in his eye.....

One more....

I am going to list the hat in my shop for $24.50 and the sash for $18.50. If you would like a hat and need a different color scheme, that shouldn't be a problem. I just may not be able to do much custom orders....for now:) Don't get me wrong, I LOVE custom orders and sometimes I feel like my best work comes from custom orders but they also take a lot more time to do and we are on a time crunch baby! :)
I'm sorry this is so last minute but better late than never.....right?!?
If you think you would like the natural hat with all white, I can set up a listing for you, it will be the same price as this hat. Happy Friday everyone!:)


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