Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kissed by Autumn

Made with Weddings and Autumn on my mind....
My GiGi giving me kisses:)
My sister will be going to a wedding next weekend and wanted me to make her a flower accessory to coordinate with the wedding party. She will be the hostess and wanted something special. We went shopping together and found some pretty fabulous things:)
Originally I wanted to mix peacock blue feathers and swarovski crystals in but decided not too at the last minute. I like the neutral color pallette but I'm also itching to do one with the peacock blue!:)
It's so hard to capture on camera the beautiful sparkle that this flower gives off!
Just breathtaking!
I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!!:)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What I Use To Do before Princy n Paris

One day last week I had to go in for a day to work at my old job.
 I use to be an Interior Decorator for a large corporate store here in my area.
I did this for 9 years before I decided that my heart was no longer in it like it use to be.
 Becoming a mother of 3 caused my focus and wants to change over the past several years.
The hubby and I decided that we would start concentrating on paying off all of out debts and find a way for me to stay at home with our kiddos:)
 This was a somewhat easy and not so easy decision.....I went to school for Interior Design and gave 9 years of my life to a company.
 I didn't want to just walk away from that.
I was blessed with a wonderful boss and she has stressed to me over and over that she didn't want to lose me....permanently. So she came up with a way to keep me around.
All I have to do is go in every several months for one day of work to keep me on the companies budget.
Seemed easy enough....right?
I kept pushing that date back. For 2 months I pushed it.
Well, needless to say I went in.
While I was there I decided to take pictures for your viewing pleasure:)
What woman doesn't like to see furniture?!?
 I was happy to see that ONE of my settings was still somewhat in tact!
It was almost the same as how I left it.
It was also the last setting I did before leaving.
There are different lamps and such that most people of course wouldn't notice....
but I do:)
As you can see there is a couple of things out of place {but if I was still there they wouldn't be}
Don't you just LOVE this zebra settee!!??!?!?
I originally had a yummy chocolate velvet sofa in the place of this green one.
That's the one thing that I hated about doing up a set!
You would get it perfect!
Then is sells!
We use to say that that's when we know we're doing our job right;)
 I have sooooo many pics to share with you but for now I thought that I would just share the one's that I did and then the other pics will be of furniture displays throughout the store.
I'll leave those for another day:)
That's it for now!!
Sorry, I know that I've been neglecting my blog!!! I try and do a post at least once a week and this time I really just did NOT have time!!:) Stay tuned for more showroom pics!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back Open for Business!

 Well, I am finally back open for business!!
 I had a much needed break and now I'm ready to work!:)
Here are a couple more new headbands that are now available in my etsy shop
I know I keep saying this but I think that the one above is my favorite!
It's just adorable with the colorful birds and whimsical flowers in all different colors!

This would go with SO much!! =)

What I really love about it is that your little girl could also wear this as a sash!!
 How cute is that?!?!
I'm planning to take pics of Paris wearing it soon, just not sure how soon.
A eclectic mix of colors! This is sure to be a show stopper!:)

Ok, I'm know I've been short and sweet hear lately.....I've just been short on time:)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

More Sneak Peeks for the Fall!!

Just wanting to share with you more of my sneak peeks for my upcoming fall collection:)
I totally missed the boat for summer product!
I think what happened was that I was so busy during the spring I could never break away from working on orders.
I didn't take a break, slow down and breathe....I should have done that.
Ever since I've took time off, I've had a chance to clear my head and look around and be inspired!
I'm very excited about my new items!
They are FUN and COLORFUL and even more importantly, VERSATILE!!
In this economy I feel versatility is very important!
The headband shown above is made with lots of fun colors and a 2 way color headband!!
I couldn't decide between a charcoal gray color or the light heathered gray color so I did
It's made with sweet ribbon ties so you have wear as a headband, belt {would look SUPER cute as a belt paired with a TuTu!!}, choker {for those of you who like flowered chokers} and its perfect for a newborn to wear on up to an adult! So baby AND mommy can wear! WOo HoO! That's what I'm talkin' bout!

Here is the heathered gray side:)
What I also LOVE about this new headband concept is there is NO guessing on size! I am shocked as to how many people order without giving me the size or age of their little one.
 I can't make a headband to fit if I don't know that little bit of info.
So this is truly easy!
I'm not against making these with an elastic headband if needed.
I understand all babies and little girls are different.
Some may feel that their little one may not keep these on vs. a stretchy headband.
And that is A.O.K.!
As long as I get the size needed;)
Now, another small dilemma I've been encountering, facebook.
I have a fan page on F.B. but it honestly hasn't really helped.
I post items and get very little feedback vs. blogging.
What are your feeling about Facebook?
It's not that time consuming and it's easy to post pics but it's not as personal as blogging.
I still plan on doing both.
Just so I reach the masses, lol!
The headband above has been a color combo I've been itching to do for a while!
I finally got to it yesterday!
A beautiful coral color uniting with seafoam and touches of fawn. LOVE!
This one is another favorite!
I feel as if all you have to do is just add Brown and Voila! instant fall material!
Chocolate brown and bright orange uniquely paired with a plum purple and a small touch of lavender chiffon.
I'm going to have to keep all of these colors in mind when shopping for Paris's fall wardrobe!
I love to hear your feed back so let me know what you think!
Also, feathers?
Love them or hate them?
I haven't used them in these last few designs because I didn't feel that they needed that extra umph!
The colors speak for themselves BUT I do not mind adding a couple here and there for effect.
My new headband that I'm working in today will have feathers.
I will blog about the newbies later this week:)
Ta ta for now and I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!
We have had absolutely GORGEOUS weather here the last 2 -3 days.
82-85 degrees and NO HUMIDITY!! Hallelujah!
I've been LOVING IT!


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