Wednesday, September 29, 2010

FALL is on it's way!!

So, I've done it once again, I've neglected my blog!! But when things get as busy as they have been for me I have to make a choice as to what gets neglected. It ain't gonna be my kids for one! Princy n Paris comes second (cuz ya don't want unhappy customers!!) and then comes my house! So blogging tends to fall at the bottom of my priority list:( I just got done with the last order for a customer who has been waiting a MONTH for her product!!!:( I NEVER again want to get that far behind!!!
This leaf flower clip was one of her items that I made and loved it so much I decided to share with everyone:)
I went on a hunt for a neat place to take pictures and went to our local Farmers Market:) It was PERFECT for pics and little Miss Paris-Noel did beautifully!! Ya know, some days are just perfect picture days and some are not! Today was a good day! Woo Hoo!!
I was inspired by Dear Lillies beanie hat and had to have one!! Lillian looked soooo adorable in her lil hat!!! I don't make these beanies but Dear Lillie does!:)
I just make the flowers:)
I clipped this flower clip to one of my beanies to give you an idea on how you can use it!

Happy lil girl!
Lovely wildflowers growing over a fence....LOVE it!!!:)
It's been raining all week and there's more on its way.
I've found that taking pictures with a light drizzle going on is quite beautiful!.
Paris and Princeton were doing a little dance on the gravel road.
I think they liked the way it sounded:)

LOVE this picture of my handsome lil boy and girl!! He was being SO SWEET!!!
He insisted on holding up the umbrella for his sister while I snapped away!!
He melts my heart on a daily basis!!:)

Another favorite!!!
Seriously I can't choose which one I like more!!:)

Not sure what she's doing in this picture but I think she tasted something from the bushes nearby?!?!

Ahhh, My absolute favorite!!! I took more pics of her wearing my "Fall in Love" as a sash to show it off better:)
Well, I don't know about you guys but I really can't wait for the true fall weather to get here!!!
I LOVE the fall!!
I've been slowly getting the house ready and have my pumpkin spice fabreeze plug ins making the house smell delicious!!!:) I've ordered a slipcover for the sofa and I've already made one burlap pillow for it so I can't wait to embellish it up with some Princy n Paris flowers!!!
And maybe some altered art also;)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Comfort Zone

So, I know that I have been totally neglecting my blog and I hate it!! I enjoy blogging sooooo much!!!!! Even worse is that I haven't even had time to read everyone else's blog:( Business has picked up which I'm super excited about!!:) It's been keeping me VERY busy!!! When I first started my little biz I didn't really want to be big or anything....but that's somehow changed here in the last month. Now, I want to be discovered!!! I'm waiting or looking for my big break!!!:) I was so new at making things and didn't feel like I had anything new to offer. I now think a little differently. I've come up with some new designs that I've personally never seen anyone do before. It's boosted my confidence a tad:) Trust me I am FAR from being arrogant!!! I just love doing what I do and I can't wait to learn and discover even more ways to create and explore the accessory world!!:) Here is a headband I made to coordinate with a Zozo Bug Baby dress.

I can't wait to pair the dress with a black sweater or long sleeves underneath for the cooler weather:) I went a little bit out of my comfort zone making this headband but I kinda like the results:) I have SOOOOOo much more to share with you ladies but work isa callin' :) Hope you are all well and I miss you guys!! Terribly!!


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