Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Paris-Noel!!!

Well, today is the day that I gave birth to Miss Paris-Noel 2 years ago:)
Her due date was in the first week of January but I was already 3 centimeters dilated and my doctor was going out of the country for Christmas.
I panicked and moved my doc appointment up a day (was scheduled for the 23rd).
I went in expecting nothing but got a baby instead!!!
My doctor decided to strip my membranes (VERY PAINFUL!!!!) and I went into full force labor!!! She was born later that day!
I was a little upset with myself since my husband, my dad, and I all share the birthdate of 23. Jorels is in Jan., mine in Feb. and my dads is in March so it would have been 4 of the same birthdates right in a row had I just stuck with my original doc appointment! Ahhhh! Getting mad at myself all over again, lol! Oh well:)

I owe everyone an apology for my last couple of posts! I don't want to come across as if I'm complaining or whining, I just wear my feeling on my sleeve! I have ALL WAYS been that way:) I can't help it, it's the way God made me, tee hee =)Just know that I'm choosing to put that behind me and move forward!
I did not plan a birthday party this year, I have actually postponed it for March. So family members and friends if you read this, I didn't forget about you!:) I'm going to try this while she is still young so if it doesn't work out she will be too young to remember:) I've heard of people doing a half way birthday for Christmas babies but that's just too far away for me, lol! So now I can plan a spring March birthday party!! Yay!

I made Paris a flower just for her birthday and to celebrate I'm going to offer it exclusively to you!:) For today only you can get it at a discounted price with a small shipping charge!:) After today {and once I reopen} it will be its original price. I wanted to offer it all day long but time just didn't permit. I started working on this post as soon as we got back from her birthday lunch:)
It's my tea stained flower done in soft pink and cream, this flower has a larger pearl in the center and comes with a skinny lace headband. I have limited lace headbands so once those sell out I will offer a cream satin headband instead.
You can purchase one here on my blog, just use the paypal button in the right hand side. If you would like one and live out of the US message me for a shipping quote,
I still have one wholesale order I'm finishing up and Christmas gifts {for family} to make and once that is behind me I will be 100% caught up!!!! YIPPEEEE!!!!!:)
Is everyone done with your Christmas shopping?? I'm not! Ahhh! I still have 2 gifts to get and then I'm done:) No biggie.
Merry Christmas!!! 

Friday, December 17, 2010

What matters the most

I've had a lot on my mind lately.
I've sat there thinking over and over in my head what I would write about and how would I word it.
It all comes down to whats most important...
My family!
Earlier this year I quit my job to become a stay at home mom.
I opened up Princy n Paris in January but didn't start making items until February or March.
I never thought it would turn into what it is today:)
I now think that I am in need of some sort.

I missed my sons Thanksgiving recital this year.
Not because I didn't want to be there,
not because I forgot, more or less because I've been so busy that I have somehow put my family on the back burner.
Not on purpose!
I cried that entire day when I went to pick him up and he was dressed in his little Indian costume....
I'm starting to cry just thinking about it.
Somehow someway the hubby and I both missed that he was having a school recital.
Today was his Christmas recital:)
We were all there this time!
Here is a pic of him and his teacher Miss Avery

She is an absolute DOLL and we love her!!!!!
I had plans of making all of the kids in his class a handmade Christmas ornament with their name on it and give the teachers each a gift certificate to my shop (which I still plan on doing!)
After the recital I went to ask the teacher for a list of all of the kids in his class. While she was looking I was looking at the calendar and noticed that today was his last day of school!!!!! I had nothing ready to give to his class or his teachers.
Again I have failed and fell short on my duties of being the mom that I want to be to my kids.
When do I draw the line to what it most important??!!
I have somehow lost focus!
My shop consumes me! More than I ever thought it would!
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE what I do but I love being a good mom to my kids more!

Last night I came across another copycat. This one was worse than all of the others because I know she's bought from me and the has copied the items that she has gotten from me.
I don't look for these people!
I swear! They seem to fall right into my lap!!
So, do I continue doing what I do?!? Make hair pretties for others to just copy while I run myself into the ground! That's what I'm starting to feel like! I do ALL of the grunt work and someone just studies my items and makes a look a like and makes the profit off of my hard work.
Just doesn't seem fair, at ALL!
By no means do I want across as whiny!
I'm just keeping it real!
I have this big thing for justice.

Ok, moving on:)Here are some more pics from today:) I didn't focus on getting the PERFECT pic! I just took a couple to remind myself of this day:)

Another pic of Miss Avery and Princeton:)

Princeton being goofy! I swear, I don't know what it's going to take to get a good pic of this kid, lol!
Well it seems as everyone else wasn't in the mood for pics either, lol

On a happy note I have a lot of plans for the new year coming up!:) I have several collaborations that I am super excited about!!:) I am going to try and take things in stride and hope for a better year!!:) I have made some awesome friends along the way and I feel beyond touched at everyones support! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!
I also have THE BEST customers in the world!!!!
I rarely talk about that! but it's true!:)
The biggest compliment to have is repeat customers!!
Most of everyone who has ever bought from me has been a repeat customer, some on a monthly basis!:) That just makes my heart swell with gratitude!:) If I have never thanked you personally, THANK YOU!:)
Everyone has been so extremely understanding to my turnaround times and have even been gracious if I've gone a couple of days past what is promised!
I have had a couple of concerned emails along the way from customers (which is to be expected:) but no one has been nasty or ugly to me!
I do try my hardest to make everyone happy:)
You are all what keep me going:)
Thank you, again, for your support!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

THREE hot deal of the day items!!!!

I decided to do not 1, not 2 but THREE items today for Fabulous Fun Finds
All items are available for purchase to the right------------->
I have limited quantities on hand for each item which is why I decided to do 3!!!
For some reason paypal didn't display the prices...
The Vintage Couture is $14 SHIPPED!!!
The Eclair is $15 SHIPPED!!!
 Sweetheart Bracelet is $14 SHIPPED!!!
AND it comes with a pretty white jewelry gift box!!
Perfect for gift giving!!!!
If you purchase a headband please leave me the age of the wearer in the comments to seller on paypal when checking out! This will save me loads of time and allows me to get your product to you faster!

Depending on how sales go will determine whether or not I will ship them before Christmas!
If you are purchasing for Christmas or as a Christmas gift, PLEASE let me know!!!!
I have somehow lost the help of my sister (she just didn't show up, LOL)
So I have been back to doing everything by myself!
I put 1-2 weeks as my turnaround time due to.....
due to....
well, LIFE! lol!
My husband has a full time job where he works 3-11 P.M.
during the day he works as a contractor so he is gone, A LOT!
Some days I'm able to get a lot done somedays not so much.
It all depends on how my kids are behaving, lol!
If they start getting stir crazy, cabin fever, or just plain bored,  I put everything down and either spend time with them or get them out of the house!
I hope this helps you to understand me a little better and why my turnaround time can be so long!:(
If I had it my way, the MINUTE I receive an order I start on it right away, finish it, package it up and get it in the mail the next day!
One day, hopefully!
Well, happy shopping and Merry Christmas!!
If you have any questions please feel free to email me at
                            Here is a pic of Paris wearing the Vintage Couture, one of my Faves!:)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Why I do what I do

I captured this picture of Paris last night while asleep.
I don't have many of her sleeping:)
 I didn't dare go into her room when she was a wee babe for fear of waking her.
She is now a better sleeper and I can sneak in there and stare at her from time to time.
She is my heart,
my love,
my life....
She is why I do what I do!
 I would have never thought to make hair accessories with 2 boys running around, lol!
Once I knew I was having a girl I became obsessed with finding the prettiest things to dress her in! I then discovered ETSY!
A whole new world was opened up to me!
I have a love for handmade items.
It's what my mother did for all of the ladies in our church when we were little:)
She made ruffled lace and eyelet socks, sometimes embellished with tiny ribbon rolled roses and satin ribbons. She would make make ruched fabric covered elastic headbands with lace flowers.
On occasion (such as Easter or Christmas) she would make me and my sister matching dresses.
The kind with petti skirts underneath that would allow for maximum twirl power, lol!!
So, I guess you can say I get it from her:)

I have self taught myself how to make everything! I have worked hard on trying to figure out new and different ways to make things work and to offer versatility! I love versatility!!!:)
I have stumbled across copycats here and there. It's not a good feeling seeing someone steal your ideas and make profit from it! One HUGE source of my inspiration has been Joyfolie formally known as Mia Joie. I first discovered her on etsy. She has since then become so in demand that she sells out within seconds of posting the most adorable shoes you will ever see for little girls and some boys!
I am addicted and faithful to her work!
I have so much respect for what she does.

I always love to give credit where credit is due! It's only fair to give the originator the credit for their work and their designs!
Apparently a LOT of people in the handmade world do NOT feel the same.
I stumbled across someone last night who has been using a LOT of my ideas.
I was furious beyond words!
I almost lost my Christianity over it! (ok,not really)
All I could do is sit there and think of everything I wanted to say to this person.
What do you say?!?
"STOP using my ideas!!!"
Um, yeah, like that will work.
All I can do is ask for everyone to have respect for one another and their work.
If you are going to use someones ideas than please give the originator the credit.

Ok, so on a lighter note here is a pic of my new Sweet heart bracelet!!! YAY!
I L.O.V.E it!!!! =)
<3 <3 <3

Made with white glass pearls, pink swarovski jewels and one swarovski heart charm. Beautiful bright pink velvet ribbon tie this beautiful bracelet together:)
I had made Paris many bracelets when she was a newborn.
I made them super tiny and out of elastic string.
She has since grown out of them so I thought I would start making them again!:)
PERFECT for Valentines day or any day!!!

P.S. sorry for my rambling, one good thing about blogs, ya get to vent, let it ALL out and move on! lol! Hugs!
Would also love to hear if you think I should make this one of my Hot deal of the day, items??!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Cats Meow

Introducing a new headband named The Cats Meow:)Available in Raspberry, off white, and soft pink.
 I have a love for most things Leopard! Mix in some shabby chic elements and it becomes a must for me!:)
I normally don't do's just not what I do.
Working as a designer I was told I do frou frou well:)
I actually feel like I struggle with simplicity?! Weird huh?

I decided to do a more simple headband to allow a better price point and a faster turnaround, YAY! Also it's a better choice for everyday use;)
 I LOVE to create more intricate headbands with unique elements but they are more time consuming!:)

I can definitely offer this headband with all the bells and whistles but maybe after the Holidays:)

The off white option is one that will go with so many things!!! I also made this headband with an elastic backing that has slits cut into it and a button is attached to the other end of the headband and you can adjust as your little one grows. I also love the option of using it as a sash with a cute baby doll top or dress!!
I hope to have pics of Miss Paris-Noel modeling it for you soon:)
Each center is made with a Genuine pearl center!
Simply chic!
I'm hoping to finish editing the pics to my families Thanksgiving dinner and blog about it soon!:)
Hope everyone is having a awesome Holiday season so far!


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