Friday, June 25, 2010

Beach Bum Edens Bouquet and a Dear Lillie Giveaway!!


So, I decided to go to the beach yesterday to get the kids out of the house and to take pics of Paris wearing one of my new summer headbands. Boy, was that a mistake!! It was one of the HOTTEST days this year!! You would think we were in the middle of August, not June!!! I think it got to 103 and that's NOT including the heat index!!:( So here are some pics of our very hot {and short} trip to the beach:)

For those of you who don't know, I was a winner to one of the giveaways that Edens Bouquet  has going on all of this week!! Yippeee!! I was so excited! Before I even knew I was the winner I started thinking about what I would make, ya know incase I won! Click here for their Saturday giveaway going on right now! Here is the headband featured below:)

The headband is made with a muslin wrapped headband and large muslin flower with vintage inspired croquet lace and a conch shell in the center. A vintage rose button is in the center of the sky blue silk dupioni flower and a small shell button is in the center of the silk cream flower. You can go here to purchase. I only have enough materials to make 2 of these so get it while you can!!

I LOVE living near the beach! You just can't go wrong taking pictures there!

Here are my babies enjoying the somewhat cool water {not really}. The water was actually quite warm and offering very little relief.

My "Prince" charming!:) LOVE him!!

Jenni from Dear Lillie is doing another fabulous giveaway!! You can go here to find out how you can enter to win her Annabel tank! I've been wanting one of these for a while now!! I spend every dime on the kids but it would be really nice to get something for me!!:) It is especially hard to look cute in this crazy summer heat!! Goodness! I would totally pair this with a cute pair of jeans and heels with pearls or even with a skirt and sandals. I've got my eye on some black patent leather thong sandals that would be FAB with this tank!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eden's Boutique

How CUTE are these!!?? I've been wanting a pair of these for Paris for a LOOOOOG time and now Eden's Boutique  is doing a giveaway!!! These pants are the prize!! Sweeeet!! I'm so excited! I am so hoping I win! Of course, once I find a piece of clothing that I just LOVE I immediately begin to think of what new flower I will make to go with it. So, I've already got one in mind for this one!! If I win I will be sure to share!! ;) It involves the beach (duh!) and shells with all eco friendly materials;) Woohoo!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where Women Create

Hello and welcome to my little corner in the world. I was shopping in AC Moore one day (like I do a LOT) and came across a magazine called "Where Women Create". I immediately picked it up and started strumming thru it. I had to buy it. I was introduced to several wonderful women and their creative spaces. One of them being Karen Valentine. She is host of this wonderful blog party that I am participating in. So now i will continue with showing you my "creative space":). I will start off by telling you my space is very in a couple of weeks new. I was working out of my dining room and hated always seeing the clutter everywhere!! I wanted my dining room back!!! So that is when the Mr. Princy n Paris and I decided to carve out a corner in our living room for my studio.....

It all started several months ago when I decided to open up my etsy shop. I wanted to be able to stay at home full time with my three kids and also wanted a creative outlet. I worked nine years as a designer, staging a showroom for a corporate furniture store. I've opened and done up many showrooms and eventually became the Special Projects Coordinator. I was in charge of all the "Special Projects" that went on in our store. After doing it for a couple of years I became pregnant with my 3rd baby and decided I wanted nothing more than to be a stay at home mom. But I didn't want my creative juices to start boiling inside of me so I found a way to let them out.... was born:)

This is one of the first things you see when you walk into my house. A french Provencal dresser painted green {soon to be white!} that houses all of my fabrics, beads, and other supplies that I create with.

I like to keep inspiration near by and have some of my favorite books and magazines at fingers touch.

I place my most used items in these pretty glass jars, ribbons, feathers, seam binding, buttons, ect....

I rescued this chair from being thrown away due to a damaged rush seat. I repaired the seat and placed a silk pillow overtop for something cushy to sit on so my bum doesn't go numb, lol!:) I use the silk flowers, sometimes, in my hair creations. I like to mix them with my fabric ones for a different look:)

The window was also a rescue. The house my hubby was working on had  many windows that he was suppose to throw away. I snatched several of them:)

Here is my desk, made from 2 LARGE corbels that the hubby attached to the wall (using the studs of course!) and we then found a beveled glass that we used for my surface. I LOVE it. It is so easy to keep clean and I can glue, stamp and create away without worry of damaging it:) Above my work space is an OLD fireplace mantel that I am using as a shelf. On the wall is an inspiration board, that I just made and that is why I don't have much inspiration on it:)

My older son, Angel was so kind to take a picture of mommy working so that I can give you a visual of me in my much loved "creative space"

Here is my faithful companion GiGi. She stays at my feet at all hours of the night! No matter how tired she is she stays with me until the lights are turned off:) Well ladies (and gents in case there are any snooping around;) I hope you have enjoyed looking my space as much I have enjoyed showing you!:)

One HUGE shout out to my wonderful husband!! Happy Fathers Day! I couldn't have asked for a better husband and father to my children! You work so hard for our family! I thank GOD every day for sending you to me! I LOVE you!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My small bathroom

Here are some pics of my half bathroom that the hubby and I did when we first moved into our house 4 years ago:)

Our home is NOT a quaint home with character. It was built in the early 1990's and is in a newer development. We have no trees (other than the maple and apple tree that WE planted) and not many bushes.

I grew up in an older home and in an older neighborhood where there are many trees and the homes are not cookie cutter. Most of them are made out of brick and the walls out of plaster. Not like our home which has vinyl siding and sheet rock walls and you can hear everything going on outside!

But I am very thankful for the home that we live in! We could be in a small apartment with no yard for the kids to play in and the biggest reason why we live in out home is because of the school district! In our older neighborhood (full of trees and homes with character) the school district was not good at all!! The school Angel attended was going to fail him due to his reading and writing. We later found out that he had a disability (thank you VA Beach Schools!!) and is now receiving help and getting on the honor roll!! He is now exceeding in all of his classes and is in the gifted program!  So it is a small price to pay by living in the house that we call home:)

Soooooo, all of that to say that since I do not live in a charming house I try everything in my power to make it as charming as it can be on the inside!! I try and surround myself with the things that I love!

We painted 1 ft. stripes going horizontally and did a strie treatment on the pink stripe (this is where you drag a brush downwards while the paint is still wet to reveal the color underneath and gives it a dupioni silk look). I LOVE these colors together!:) Our entire living room is in the same yellow and the dining room is in the same raspberry pink with the same faux treatment:)

You can kind of see the faux treatment in this picture. Here is a coat hook that we used to hang our hand towels on. I love finding different and unexpected ways to use things:).

Here is a picture of some beautiful peonies in full bloom and I was lucky enough to find a silk floral that compliments it beautifully!
Here is a wine rack that I am using to store extra hand towels and reading material

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mini Couture

I was approached last week by Brittany from Sweet Plume She is already working on her Halloween outfits and honored me by asking if I could make her a hair piece for her collection!! I was beyond excited! Especially when she asked for something a little over the top (get it? Top....ok lame joke) lol!! So I immediately thought of a miniature top hat!! I think with the movie Alice in Wonderland just out I've been thinking a lot of those adorable hats!!:) I've been seeing them all over etsy and wanted to give it a go. Here are some of the pics of Paris-Noel modeling my latest creation! I can't wait to see it with Brittany's outfit!!:) Hope everyone is having a marvelous day!!

Also, just wanted your opinions....should I start making these for my etsy shop? These would make fabulous photo props!!:) Just wanted to get some feedback before I go hog wild making some and none sell.....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I have a Winner!!!!!

Hello everyone!!! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Memorial Day!!! We stayed at home and worked on our house. Jorel was doing demo and I was running around like a crazy person trying to dust and vacuum all of the sheet rock dust. For those of you who have lived through a demo you know that sheet rock dust is the worst dust there is!!! It gets EVRYWHERE!!! So, no break for us:) But the hubby and I get so much out of getting things done and doing things around the house to help improve our life:)

So here is another bad shot of my picture of the winner.....

Courtneys Mom!!!!! WOOO HOOO!! I think she entered a comment every single day!:) Shoot me an convo on my etsy shop to let me know what you would like!!:)

I just want to think everyone that entered and to be on the look out because there will be more to come!!!:)


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