Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just in time for FALL!!

Holy smokes!!
 I know you can't see me but I am dusting off the virtual cobwebs on my blog! I haven't blogged since DECEMBER! UGH! 
So mad at myself! 
I was suppose to blog about Paris's 3rd birthday (since it was an AWESOME birthday party!)I wanted to blog about Christmas, spring, Easter, summer, our trips to the mountains....but as you can see I have not blogged about none of the above :( Seriously upset that I don't make more time for it. 
I love blogging since I have such a bad memory, what an awesome resource to record your daily living and memories!
Ok, so enough said about my lame tendencies, I am back and will make more of an attempt to blog more! :)
So the above picture was the FIRST pic I took of Paris modeling the owl charm necklace I made her.....I should have just stopped there because the below pics are what I got after the first....

Then this....
I happen to pay her in candy for her services, the last 2 pics are the pics taken after the candy was already eaten, ha! So in other wards the cooperation for picture taking was OVER!

My husband and I always talk about how our middle child (who just turned 6) was going to be our trouble money is now on the girl! baahahaahaa! Don't get me wrong, she can be as sweet as they come but she is also as silly as they come! 
Can't you tell from the pics?! ;)

Who LOVES the fall?! I seriously think it's my FAVORITE time of the year and here in VA I always feel as if I am robbed of a true fall! Its so hot one moment then freezing the never know how to dress! Last Monday we had an awesome fall day and I had the doors and windows open I was in heaven for that one day! The other days since then hasn't been as fabulous...come on fall! STAY for a while, I don't mind! 

Well, all this talk about fall has inspired me to share with you my new charm bracelet! I have been slowly collecting the right sort of beads, pearls and charms for this bracelet. Normally when I do a charm bracelet I just use what I have on hand and go for it but I actually planned this one and guess's just for us WOMEN! :) Not for little girls but us grown girls :) I must admit I love these charm bracelets as much as my daughter does! Of course if you would like one for your daughter that is more than fine, I can do a little girls version.

I still don't have my brown owls in (ugh! I HATE over seas shipping!) but they should be here any day. I went ahead and made with my dark purple owls since they were dark and should give you the idea of what the dark brown will look like. I have been waiting for almost a week to share (ya know, waiting on the brown owls) but decided last night that I couldn't wait any longer! So just pretend that the purple owl charms are BROWN because that will  be the color of owl charms on the bracelet (NOT PURPLE ;)

Here is a close up...
I just LOVE LOVE the wooden squirrel ( yes, made of real wood!) holding his acorn! :)

Cool part is that you can personalize yours with your first initial!! Here is a graphic image with the letter "P" and a white pumpkin is peeking at the bottom.

What is your favorite fall color!? 
I have a lot! 
 I ADORE creams with browns, embers, champagne, gold, burgundy....Right now my favorite fall outfit is a tweed riding jacket with skinny jeans, knee high boots and a lovely scarf and of course I will be wearing this bracelet! ;) I may get one of my kids to attempt to take a  pic of me wearing it, haaha! 


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