Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear Lillie: Another Mini Give-Away!

Dear Lillie: Another Mini Give-Away!

Another fabulous giveaway!!! Click on the link above to enter a giveaway, a shirt screened printed by Jennifer! I didn't win last time and had my heart set on the prize that I went ahead and ordered a shirt from her. :) I like it so much that I'm hoping to win this time and pick a different design!!:) {I ordered the crown shirt, because I'm convinced that somewhere down the line I'm related to royalty! HA ha!!} Ok, not really, but what girl doesn't like a bit of daydreaming of happily ever afters and princess inspired items;)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Paris-Noels 1st Birthday Party!! (I'm only 2 months late!!)

Ok, so I admit it....I'm no good at blogging. English and Writing were never my strong point. I always feel so intimidated to put my thoughts and feelings out there for anyone to read only for someone to stumble across my blog and find all kinds of typos and what not...but I just have to ignore my pride and update my blog a little and get back on track...typos and all!

So here are the pics of my babies 1st Birthday Party!!Here she is with daddy and big brother...I think that this was after the cake eating. She was HYPER for over a hour after the party was over!
In this picture all Princeton wanted to do was eat his rock candy and didn't want to smile. Don't blame him, rock candy is good! In case you were wondering where my oldest son was, Angel, he was in MN spending the holidays with his dad. Yes, that's how late I am. Paris's birthday was Dec. 22 and I did her party the day after Christmas. I did a candy shoppe theme with lots of bright colors and LOTS of candy, of course!:) {I actually still have a ton left} In the pictures below you will see a loooong table. I took 2 six foot tables and butted them up together. I cleared my living room of its furniture to accommodate the tables. I had envisioned a banquet table filled with lots of goodies:) I took lollipops and
made flower arrangements for the tables. I also made those cute flower pom poms (thank you Martha Stewart) to add a bit of color! I loved the way it came out!:) I just wish that I had more sophisticated chairs to seat around the tables because those metal ones are an eye sore :( That's the designer in me I guess.

This was the 1st bite of cake that Paris has ever had! I made sure of that:) Her daddy had tried to give her a piece of cake a couple of weeks before her birthday and I lept across the kitchen and took it off her highchair. I wanted her 1st bite to be on her birthday. Jorel thought I overacted just a bit but it made sense to me:) The lady who made her beautiful cake was the same lady who did Jorels and my wedding cake and also did Princetons 1st birthday cake:) A small tradition. I hope the cake lady is still around for my kids weddings;) Uh.....NO, I'm not already planning their weddings if that's what ya'll are thinking!:)

Another one of my short comings....procrastination! It has always been my weakness! It's one of those things in life that I can't seem to get rid of...don't know why I struggle with it. Maybe it's because I seem to function a little better under stress. So with that in mind I will continue to strive to better myself in that department and not make my blog posts so few and far in between:)
P.S. I also want to mention a giveaway that is going on on this blog...www.dearlillie.blogspot.com I just recently found this fabulous blog and ever so enjoy reading it! Check it out!:)


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