Friday, July 30, 2010

Fall in love, Fall Sneak Peek

Just dropping in real quick to give you a sneak peek of one of my fall items soon to come when I reopen my etsy shop!!
{sometime middle of August}
Hope you like what you see:)
Paris modeling this new headband concept {well at least to Princy n Paris it's new}
It's has ties so you can wear many different ways....
I tied it around her waist as a belt....
Even mommy can wear it! Yay!
OK, I'm not one for braggin {hate braggers} But I can't help it this time.
Princeton took the last 3 pictures you see of me!!!
Is the boy good or what!!
He's gotten ahold of my camera plenty of times and I'm always surprised with the pics that he takes!!! They're actually really good, considering the boy's only THREE!!
Say what!!!
Ok, gotta go for now the kids are running WILD!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Paris wearing Eden's Bouquet and Joyfolie shoes:)

About a month ago I was one of the very lucky winners of these gorgeous ruffle jeans from Eden's Bouquet
I have been wanting these jeans FOREVER and the Lord finally answered my prayers!:) If I could I would have one of everything from Eden's Bouquet. I love how classic and vintage her pieces are and how they fit in our modern world.
It's like taking a step back in time....
What I love so much about these jeans is that they are slouchy so as Paris grows they will still fit as capris and then as gauchos then shorts:) Talk about versitility!!

Her she is in her latest Joyfolie pair of shoes:)
I just wanted to do a quick post to say HI! and to thank everyone for their kind comments:) I had no idea that blogging was going to be this addicting when I first started it :0) I will be blogging hopefully later this week if not begining of next more about the new etsy shop. Got a name picked out now just gotta do the rest;)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

French Wire Basket and some cute gift tags!!

Well, here is my latest antique find.

Helen (my sister) and I went to an Antique mall while we were in Radford for the 4rth of July.
I went specifically looking for a wire basket or an old metal milk carrier.
I hafta have a goal in mind or I'll walk out with everything and yet nothing I need.
Needless to say I did find an old metal milk carrier but Helen spotted it first and immediately grabbed it. I will have pics of her find soon. I found a spot for it in her new studio apartment;)
Since Helen had found something, I had to find something too!! Ever feel that way?
I kept looking and came across this rusty ol' thing. The only thing describing what it was was an old tag that had "french wire basket" written on it.
I didn't know what to make of it...
I bought it anyway.
I wasn't even sure I liked it....
until today:)
I filled it with glass jars and put some of my white hydrangeas in it and it gave me the
I was hoping for when I bought it:)
I don't have much of a garden outside of my house.

I have one hydrangea tree and 2 peony plants and some gardenia bushes and one honeysuckle that is doing VERY poorly:( I also have a passion flower vine that is taking over our small little shed like wild fire.

I really want a bunch of hydrangea bushes, lavender, roses, more peonies and whatever else falls under the "romantic" flower description:)
So since these are the only "pretty" flowers I have growing right now I am VERY proud of them!!!
Here is also sneak peak of some of the tags I will be making and selling in my new etsy shop:)
Princy n Paris will still be here but I am planning on opening up a new shop to work with my other love...
These are made from cork and are double sided. There is a different decorative paper on the other side of each tag. Strung with beautiful seam binding.

I am also making fabric tags made from some of my kids old jeans (washed 1st of course) and then scraps of tea stained fabric sewn onto them.
I'm quite happy with them:)
Of course the hubby is like,
"What can you do with fabric tags?"
I didn't respond.

Here is our eating corner in the kitchen.
Princeton is having a small snack so I allowed him to be part of the picture taking;) Especially since Paris seems to always be in front of the camera.

I didn't give it much thought but I've seen some people in blogland that like to drink from Ball mason jars...
I decided to try them a try.
I like drinking from them!! And...they're inexpensive!

The kids like it when I make cute little displays for their snacks:)
I did have crackers and cheese with ham but
the kids ate them while I was getting the kitchen ready for pictures.
I also like to add fresh fruit (whatever I have on hand) to our drinks.
Makes for a yummy and different drink every time
the kids can't wait to finish their drink so they can eat their fruit:)

Princeton looking at my dying honeysuckle:( I wanted something pretty to look at out of the window instead of just a fence.
The blossoms were pink and yellow.
They matched the interior of my house beautifully.
I would be lying if I told you I didn't pick that one on purpose;)
Hope everyone is surviving the heat!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Is cute worth it!?!?!?

Jeez!! Where do I start??
today was a reunion,
a church reunion,
but more like a family reunion.

I grew up in a church where everyone I knew was my family, my church family. My church is no longer.....a long story for another day.
But for today I will talk about my church reunion:)
It was so nice to see people that I haven't seen since I was a little girl!
I wish I could say that my entire experience was a good one
it wasn't!
First, my husband was not there to help.
He is out of town due to a wedding.

Second, I wore 4 inch heels!!
WHAT was I thinking!!

Third, I tried to stuff myself into a prepregnancy skirt (ya know, back when I was a size 0)
I am NO longer that size!!

Fourth, it is freakin' 101+ degrees outside!!!

Fifth, my kids were horrendous!!! And I don't say that lightly!!!

Paris was NOT letting me take pictures!!! She was more interested in climbing on the table!!
Probably because it would act as her stage....
she's a diva in the making!
Peeps were probably wondering "WHY is this lady taking pics instead of disciplining her children!!"
At least I know that I would be thinking that!

Even my mom was like,
"Prencie, why don't you sit at the other table where there's other kids?"
THAT'S how BAD they were being, even Nana didn't want them nearby!!
I was very tempted to stand in the curb with a sign that said
"FREE children!"
Of course I would NEVER EVER EVER do that but I was so over being climbed on, hit at (yes, Paris tried a couple of times!) breaking up the cat and dog fights between sister and brother!

I would go on and on but then you would really think my kids are brats!!

One pic of Paris and me when she was being kind of sweet, see, she's not even smiling sweetly like she normally does.
Why do I even bother?!?!?
Her shoes do NOT stay on!!!
We ate Panera for breakfast.
Me and my 4 inch heels walk back to the car and buckle the kids in...that's when I see a shoeless Paris.
Had to run back inside running around looking for the other shoe!!!
I am so OVER it!
I think she will be barefooted until shoes decide to stay on her feet!!!

So, I started with shoes and now I'm ending with shoes!!
How I LOVE shoes!!!
But, are they worth the stress and pain?!?!
At one point in my life I would have shouted "YES!!!" from the rooftops!!!
But NOT in 101+ weather and in a too-little-of-a-skirt and NOT with 2 VERY Hyper active kids!!!! 

I need a vacation!

xoxo, hope you are all having a much better day than me;)

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Raspberry Dining Room

I've been talking a lot about redoing the look of my house (sorry to keep talking about it but you guys are my only audience :)
I keep going back and forth...
change it...
leave it...

I struggle a LOT when it comes to making decisions concerning my house....
                           color...{problem is I LOVE color but I also LOVE pure, magical, relaxing, WHITE!}
                           style...{problem is I like soooo many different styles
                        smell...{yes I struggle with smell because one day I want flowery smells and the next I want vanilla or woodsmoke} but this is not a big problem:)

I keep thinking I just may regret changing all of my "color" into pure white bliss.
But why would I regret it if I love it so?!?
I also wish I had a garden so I could show off some beautiful fresh flowers =) But these will have to do until that day comes...
There are 2 furniture pieces that I would grab from my house if it was on fire {children, hubby and dog are already safe!}
That would be my 100+ year old french wood frame sofa and this wooden gold carved mirror:) It is HEAVY! It was another rescue of mine! There's a reason I have flower vines in 2 opposite corners. This mirror was going to get dumped because the top right hand corner is missing. So I put flower vines to cover it's flaw and had to put some on the bottom left corner to balance the floweriness {one of my made up words, shhh, i have many}

See, here's my thing. Why change it when it's fine as is? To answer my own question...because I'm ready for a change!!:) Right?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

IIIII'm Dreeeeaming of a Whiiiite Living rooooom.....

Can you hear that song in your head?
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas has been replaced with...IIIII'm Dreaming of a whiiiiite Living roooom!!!

This song has been in my head for the past 2 months or so, maybe longer. Maybe this post will get it out of my head since I'm now putting it on paper screen.

I'm an dying to redo my living room space, dining room, and kitchen. They all kind of flow together so if I change one I have to change ALL! I'm trying to go easy on my handsome handy man! He's been working VERY hard in the past 2-3 months and I don't want him to dread coming home to more work;) Even though he says he doesn't see it that way.

The main thing that has me on hold is slipcovers!!! Does anyone know where I can find some decent white slipcovers for my sofa and chair?!?!?!
I have looked at surefit and Pottery Barn and even Target but the ratings are not that great.

I actually already have a color in mind for the walls (which is backwards for me). In design I never got why people would choose their wall color/s first. I always choose furniture, pillows, rugs, art work first than work from the colors that I see in the staples of your room than pick a color (there are 1,000's of colors to choose from!). To me it seems SO much harder to pick a color first than find furniture to match?!? I don't get it!
But..... after all that being said I think I actually have my color first!!! Only because I'm doing everything in white and then pulling in my colors with my pillows, rug, accessories, art, fresh flowers, ect.... I am finally going to practice what I've been preaching allll of these years!!! So, I will leave you with some pictures that have inspired me and achieves the look I'm going for. Also another recent inspiration for me has been Dreamy Whites blog. If you haven't been to her blog prepare to me WOWED!!! I'm deeply impressed with her decorating skills!!! She has been a HUGE inspiration!

Love these cubby holes!! Cute display idea!! {of course the hubby says to me "I can make that!", so we'll see if he can:) }

Love the look of this farm house table with distressed chippy white chairs {not a fan of the blue plaid seat cushions though}

Love, Love, Love this table with french bistro chairs!!! But I would want mine to be white {of course} I actually was bidding on a french bistro set on ebay. I didn't meet the reserve and so no bistro set for me:(!! Talk about ruining my week!! It was from FRANCE and I LOVED it!! The lady won't return my emails (cause now I'm wanting to buy it at her price) guess it wasn't meant to be...
LOVE, love, love the white painted plank floor with yet again another farm house table with white chairs!! *sigh*
Ok, this is not really part of my all white scheme but I came across this pic after I had already did my work space. See how they used corbels for the base of their desk, uh huh! They have good taste, tee hee;) pic compliments of Restoration Hardware.

On the hunt for a Swedish floor clock. I've loved these clocks since I first discovered design many moons ago!;)
Pottery Barns always got it covered!

L.O.V.E these linen pillows (from restoration hardware and the ones pictures above are P.B.)
I think this may be my favorite dining room!! LOVE! Not sure where I got this pic, sorry! If I find out I'll put in the credits but for now gotta run, the hubby is getting impatient waiting for me to finish! Gotta do groceries.


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