Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Last swim of the summer!

This trip was our last trip of the summer to my parents home in Radford, VA. It's in the mountains of VA and a beautiful town. I love going to get away from the city and relax on the boat or in swimming in the lake.


  1. Prencie, your blog looks fabulous! Great job! I put that "It may be a crazy life..." button up on ours but then took it down cause I had so many others. I LOVE it! So true! :) haha

    It looks like you guys had a blast at your moms. How fun! It looks beautiful!

    Again, so glad to meet you. Look forward to watching your blog. I'm going to follow! :)

  2. Hey! Thanks Amy! Good to meet you to :) I'm new to the blogging world so bare with my as I try and stumble through:) I almost didn't post that button because it reminds me of the Jon & Kate plus 8 show (I don't have no 8 kids!) but I do love it so I got it:) Thanks, we had a great time in Radford, my parents are building a cabin over there and it's beautiful in the mountains!



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