Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The day of Halloween started off to a good start! I had just found out that one of my girlfriends had just had her baby early in the morn! I was so excited!:) A Halloween baby and a month early at that. So got up, got the kiddos ready only to find out that 1st thing in the morning wasn't a good time to visit a mom who had just had a baby! Hello! I should have thought of that 1st...well, I had TONS to do just didn't know which to tackle first. My sister then decides to come up with all these wonderful Halloween plans...that's when the stress started. She wanted to do it all at my house. Make neat Halloween dishes such as mummy pizzas, eye ball cookies, dirt cake etc...well, I would have loved to buuut my house was a WRECK seeing that I was still preparing for a jewelry party where I was planning to introduce my hair accessories that I have been making for the past several months. So instead of having a break down and try and have it at my house we later decided to do it at my moms. Phew! A huge relief. It was narrowed down to pizza bagels and my sis made cool eye ball cookies! The kids ate them before I had a chance to take a pic:) The pic below is my FAVE of my lil munsters:)OK, so what do you dress up as for Halloween on a budget? And I mean a small budget! The weekend before we went to a friends Halloween party, that was kid friendly, and needed to come up with FIVE costumes on a budget. So I ran to Party City and found a vampire costume for Princeton, keeping in mind Jorels vampire costume 2 years ago. Also keeping in mind my massive angel wings that I've had for years. So found the vampire costume for Prince but was not impressed. I then saw the lil spitfire costume! So perfect for my "lil spitfire"! So angels and devils it was. Angel, my eldest, had just joined Taekwondo and had a brand new uniform to sport. He was more than happy to wear that for Halloween:) My original idea was to be an angel and Jorel a vampire and then have the boys dressed up as hybrids, vampire angels! Well, there's not many accessories for vampires so that was another deciding factor on having devils as a part of our family themed Halloween :) So in the long run all I had to buy was angel wings and a halo for Paris-Noel and devil accessories for Jorel and Princeton's lil spitfire costume. Not bad I say.


  1. Adorable family! Such beautiful kids! Looks like you guys had a great time. :)

  2. Thanks Amy :) We did! With the exception of my angel wings attacking everything!:) Those things are so massive!

  3. Princeton & Paris-Noel looks SO stinkin' cute in their little customs!

  4. Prencie, these photos are beautiful. I just saw your post on Mia Joie's site. What is the name of your Etsy shop? Congratulations on your shop opening!!!



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