Sunday, June 6, 2010

My small bathroom

Here are some pics of my half bathroom that the hubby and I did when we first moved into our house 4 years ago:)

Our home is NOT a quaint home with character. It was built in the early 1990's and is in a newer development. We have no trees (other than the maple and apple tree that WE planted) and not many bushes.

I grew up in an older home and in an older neighborhood where there are many trees and the homes are not cookie cutter. Most of them are made out of brick and the walls out of plaster. Not like our home which has vinyl siding and sheet rock walls and you can hear everything going on outside!

But I am very thankful for the home that we live in! We could be in a small apartment with no yard for the kids to play in and the biggest reason why we live in out home is because of the school district! In our older neighborhood (full of trees and homes with character) the school district was not good at all!! The school Angel attended was going to fail him due to his reading and writing. We later found out that he had a disability (thank you VA Beach Schools!!) and is now receiving help and getting on the honor roll!! He is now exceeding in all of his classes and is in the gifted program!  So it is a small price to pay by living in the house that we call home:)

Soooooo, all of that to say that since I do not live in a charming house I try everything in my power to make it as charming as it can be on the inside!! I try and surround myself with the things that I love!

We painted 1 ft. stripes going horizontally and did a strie treatment on the pink stripe (this is where you drag a brush downwards while the paint is still wet to reveal the color underneath and gives it a dupioni silk look). I LOVE these colors together!:) Our entire living room is in the same yellow and the dining room is in the same raspberry pink with the same faux treatment:)

You can kind of see the faux treatment in this picture. Here is a coat hook that we used to hang our hand towels on. I love finding different and unexpected ways to use things:).

Here is a picture of some beautiful peonies in full bloom and I was lucky enough to find a silk floral that compliments it beautifully!
Here is a wine rack that I am using to store extra hand towels and reading material


  1. Love these pictures Prencie! That mirror is gorgeous!! I love quaint neighborhoods with lots of trees. Our neighborhood is newer as well. Our master bath is one room we have not touched since moving in 3 years ago today. xo

  2. this is fabulous! what a fun bathroom - how I would love something that fun in our home~

  3. Thank you ladies!!:) I'm feeling torn because as much as I love the color I have going on, I'm ready for a change! I would LOVE to do a fabulous all white home in a shabby chic style! I've loved shabby chic for over 10 years so I know that I'm not going to change:)

    Thank you for for you wonderful compliments Mimi!! Also thank you for joining!!;) Love your art work!!:)

  4. Prencie,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I have never been to your blog until now, but when you see my daughter's birthday dress you will swear that I've seen your blog banner before...very spooky! Did you make that white dress?


  5. Hello Mandy!:) No, I did not make Paris-Noels dress, only her headband;) I'm finding more and more that I have so much in common with so many wonderful ladies out there! It could be that the same things that make your heart skip beat are the things that have the same effect on me;) I was going to name my etsy shop "Secret Garden" since I make flowers but too many other etsians had that {most were not even using their shops} and had to think of another name. Another reason why I LOVED your invitations!!:) I hope this doesn't sound weird or crazy but I would be willing to buy one off of you! I love it so much!! hee hee:) I would love to put it on my inspiration board. But I totally understand if you can't!:) I know when I make invitations it gets kind of close and sometimes, I've ran out {due to forgetting someone or last min. invite}

    Thank you for visiting!!:)

  6. Prencie! Your bathroom is so beautiful! You have done such a wonderful job! I personally know all too well how hard it is to add charm to a new home! You have done such a fabulous job! I adore the chandelier! I love chandeliers in bathrooms!

  7. Thank you Jenni:) Your so sweet and I take that as a huge compliment coming from you;) You have impeccable taste and I adore all that you have done to your "home":) I think that if I had my way I would have a chandelier in every room!:)

  8. Oh my goodness! I am in love with your bathroom! It is just gorgeous!

  9. Thank you Leah!!:) I am quite inpressed with your style!! I've been trying to come up with a name for it....I'm thinking Mid Century Mod?:) You put things and colors together that I would never think of doing and you MAKE IT WORK!!! You go girl!! :)

  10. This is the most gorgeous bathroom! We just moved our family in hopes of a better life. The area we came from was going down fast. I couldn't even walk my sweet Amelie Jo down the street because of the stray dogs and weird people. It's like night and day where I live now. Such a positive move for our little family.

  11. Love the bathroom!

    Love the new header as well! Shabby Blogs?! Oh, how I love all that Megan does!

  12. So pretty... I love that you have a chandelier in your bathroom.

  13. Thank you Jenni and Alisha!:)

    Jenni, yes it's shabby blogs! I adore all that Megan does too! I've been dying to use her new frames!! Finally did:)

    Alisha, is it weird that my bathroom may be my favorite room in the house? lol!:)

  14. No, not at all ;) it is very pretty.

  15. You bathroom looks beautiful, you've done a great job!! It must make you smile everytime you walk in :-)

  16. wow your bathroom looks beautiful and I adore your blog - really pretty

  17. Prencie!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bathroom! What a great place to live in! I so know how you feel about new homes. We live in one and its really so depressing when you drive down the street and see all the same houses with the same landscape, etc. But in the end, think of all the repairs you WON'T have to make!! ha. :) Anyway, I would like to spend a little time in your bathroom! ha xoxo



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