Monday, February 21, 2011

Bee Happy and a WINNER =)

Well, I thought I would start this blog post with a new design that I have and will soon add to the shop, I call it the BEE HAPPY headband. Doesn't it just make you happy to look at it:)I have enough materials on hand to make about 6 and then I'm out of the bees. I bought all of the ones that I could find. I haven't made an effort to find more but if there's a demand for this hair pc once I sell out of the 6 I may be on a hunt for more;) It measures around 3 1/2" and is attached to a clip {like most of my hair pcs}so you can wear with or without the polka dot headband :)

For those of you who have been following me for a while may have noticed I seem to have a huge attraction to bugs:) Whether they are pretty butterflies or dragonflies, I LOVE them! I am a huge nature lover (mainly in the garden area) and love things down to the snails:) I don't have a green thumb that's for sure but I seem to do nicely with the fabric flowers:)                                       

I try and work in what I love about nature in with my flowers, it seems to flow oh so well!

Well, on to the winner for my Share on Sunday giveaway! I used Random.Org to pick the winner and here is the result....

Jean Nguyen White please email me at with your choice of the Mermaid's Jewel shoe clips or the Orange Blossom shoe clips and your address! Thank you everyone who participated! I may make this a weekly event, it all depends on my workload and what is going on that weekend but I will make a huge effort to do more Share on Sunday giveaways!!
Have a fabulous Monday! :)


  1. LOVE the Bee Happy headband!!

    because of you & your wedding I have a love for dragonflies :) I bought a sweet button to do a bow with for Mayci girl.

  2. Aww thanks Michelle!:) I know dragonflies will always have a soft spot in my heart:) I would love to see Mayci wearing her dragonfly bow:)

  3. Not that I'm hoping someone didn't claim their prize or anything, but did the winner ever contact you???

  4. SO cute!! I would even wear that! :))



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