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OK, this if going to FAST and FURIOUS! I really do not have time to blog but I can't help it!!! I've been wanting to do this post for the last month!!! But then again that when the craziness started... a month ago. I got 3 wholesale orders all in the same week! One which was around 100 pcs for me to make!!! I'm still working on that one:( I'm surprised I don't have my wholesaler knocking on my door wondering where the rest of her order is!!! I already shipped around 60 pcs to her but still have the rest to make! I'm getting stressed just thinking about it!
Well, here are some long overdue pics of my house that I've been wanting to share....just wasn't ready since I'm not DONE!:( But if I waited until I was done then Halloween would come and go and then Thanksgiving will be here:) Yummm, turkey...pumkin pie....broccoli casserole....
oops, got a little distracted:)
The plantation shutters you see in the pic where given to me by my mom! She found them sitting in a neighbors garage and asked about them and her neighbor just GAVE them to her! Since they didn't fit any of the windows in her house she gave them to me. My handsome handy man had to make a couple of adjustments but I'm not complaining!! FREE plantation shutters!!! What's to complain about?!?! =0) 
First I want to apologize for the horrible glare going on!!! It's not even sunny out!!! It's actually overcast right now and we're expecting 90 degree weather today!!!??? BOOOOO!!:( And I mean Boo in the i'm-not-happy kinda way, wasn't try to scare ya with a random Boo, LOL!! Ok, bad joke...moving on...
Here is my fallized Mantel! made with everything I already owned in the house and just never used:) I did buy the branch decal at Target, love that place!
The female crow was on sale at Micheal's!!! YAY! Love that place too!!:) I had grand plans for Mrs. Crow! She was going to get a one-of-a-kind Princy n Paris original but this gal just hasn't had the time to create a mini piece for a crow when I've live people waiting for their orders!!! Know what i'm sayin?!:)
I also have a Mr. Crow and I also had plans for him! He was going to get a mini mini top hat with feather and all!!! How CUTE is that??:)
I had a pic of him and for some reason forgot to edit him so he will make an entrance at a later date:)
Maybe then he will have his top hat:)
I ordered this wooden sign from a guy off of etsy and I'm being very lazy right now and forgot to get his info...will do upon request;) It wasn't even that expensive which is why this chica ordered it!! I'm CHEAP!:)Wanna hear of another plan I had? This number represents the day me and my husbands birthdate!:) The plan is to also have a 22, 26 and 13 displayed else where in the house. Whether it's on a pillow or another sign. Those are the dates of Paris's, Princeton's and Angel's birthdates as well:) See many plans but no execution:(

Ok, this chair has a loveseat slipcover on it that was originally bought for the sofa! Yeah, I know, I can almost hear ya'll thinking, Huh??
It's a funny story. 
I bought this from sure fit cuz it was on sale for $20!!!!! Who could pass it up! BUT I bought it for the sofa!!!
When it came in I was sooooo excited and tried it on the didn't fit:(
Discouraged I was sitting there staring at it trying to figure out how I could stuff my sofa in it when I happened to glance at the bag it came in...LOVESEAT was printed on the front!!!
How on earth did I manage to do that?!?!?
I dunno!
Soooo, problem is, I don't have a loveseat. Since the slipcover was on sale it was a final sale. Not wanting to be wasteful I tried it on the chair and ruched it a bit,
I kinda like the way it looks:)
I may sew it ruched together so it won't get sloppy once someone sits on it:)
I now have my sofa slipcover and will take pics of it once I finish up my pillows!:)
I made this Black and white houndstooth pillow cover to cover the original design of the pillow that came with my sofa. There will be more too it once I get the time:)

One last pic of the floral I literally threw together and placed on my dining room table:)
I found this wooden crate at TJ Maxx and put random glass jars inside. I had bought some cinnamon scented pinecones at Michael's and that's whats in the bottom of the jars:)Not professional looking but it gets the point across:)
Ok, that's it for now I have a little one pulling herself up onto my lap and is trying to blog herself!
Hope everyone is well!

P.S. Also want to share that I am involved in a BIG giveaway starting next week!!! It's a BIG one so stay tuned!!:)

P.S.S. I did not proof read so i'm expecting MANY typos!!
It's my signature, what can I say;)HA!


  1. LOL....this post was a fun read! Love the mirror on your mantle, the cool sign, and looking forward to seeing Mr. Crow. xo

  2. Ha ha! I was in a "mood" when I wrote this:) I guess it brings out my odd humor, lol!! Mande, we use to sell that mirror at the furniture store I worked at. There were 2 and then 1 sold. I use to hide it behind beds hoping no one would buy it,lol! One day shopping at TJ Maxx I FOUND one, SAME BRAND and everything !!!! Woo hooo!!! It was around $75 versus the $350 one at my job!!! Even my employee discount wouldn't have bought me the mirror at that price!!! I will treasure it always!:) Love the script writing on it!!!!

  3. congrats on the wholesale orders! good job sista!

    your decor looks great! lovin' the number sign!!!

  4. Girl you were on a roll! Love it! And love your fall decor-- so you! Good luck finishing up your big order. You'll feel so free once it's done that I swear you'll feel like "what am I going to do with all my time!" lol. xoxo

  5. Aww, Thanks Jenni!! I'm soooo sorry I have been buy to "visit" you!! Will do soon!!!
    Simone, thank you!! I need all the luck + energy I can find! Trust me I have Soooo many things i want to do but can't:( One of them is making one of your fabulous fabric pumpkins!!! Can't wait to do that one!!! If I don't get around to it do you sell them??

    Hugs ladies!!:)



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