Friday, January 14, 2011

GIVEAWAY time!!!!!!

Well, it's been a while since I've done a giveaway and I'm way over due!! I also promised one once I hit 500 fans on my fanpage!!:) So this a multiple giveaway! I'm doing TWO! One for you and One for a friend!

Here are the rules as follows....
1) Share this giveaway on facebook with a link, refer a friend to "like" my page and make sure they mention that YOU sent them:)Their comments MUST BE LEFT on my facebook Fanpage!! Winner for this giveaway will be the person with the MOST referrals! Feel free to share on any of the Matilda Jane fanatics pages since I offer M2M items for Matilda Jane pieces. Winner will receive my new headband or a $25 credit to anything in my shop. This will be the first giveaway
2)New followers will need to leave a comment on who sent them on my fanpage and I will use Random.Org to choose a winner from that post, Winner will receive my new headband or a $25 credit towards anything in my shop. This will be the 2nd giveaway.(note this giveaway is meant for the friend you refer and not the person who referred them, so that there's something in it for them too:)

Winners will be announced on Saturday evening at 9 P.M.! If winner doesn't claim their winnings within 24 hours a second winner will be chosen.

Ok, the other thing I will be trying out is my "Introduction Pricing"!!! This is when I will offer THREE of my newest creations at a LOW price!!!! I will only offer them at that price until all three are sold and once they are sold the item will be offered in my shop at regular price! I will be offering my "Mary, Mary, quite contrary" headband for $15!!!!! I will sell this for $24.50 in my shop once all three for $15 sell. I may not be able to do this for all new items due to cost of materials or time management. I won't tell you how long it takes me to make my flowers but I will say it takes OVER 2 hours and when you divide $15 into 2...well, you see I am making very little profit on them:)

You can purchase the $15 Mary, Mary quite contrary here on my blog on the right hand side where the buy it now button is. Shipping will be $2. To explain a little bit about why I am doing this (and I have to give 100% credit to Heather from Fabulous Fun Finds for this idea) I feel this gives customers a chance to experience some Princy n Paris products in their lives for those who may not have bought any of my items. I know $24.50 seems like a lot for a pretty hair piece but a LOT of it has to do with the time I put into each piece! I hand cut each petal and handsew each bead (with the exception of the tiny tiny seed beads that I sometimes use). This is very time consuming but I do it because I love making pretty things!:) Paris is just now getting to the age where she WANTS to wear hair pretties, lol!!! I use to fight her to get her to keep them on but now she goes and gets what she wants to wear for that day:) Momma may need to help her pick but so far that doesn't seem to bother her;)

Playing Peek a boo for our lil mini photo shoot:)

Ok, I tried to explain this as simply as I could but I just read the details to my husband and he was so lost, lol! Granted he doesn't participate in any giveaways and is not too familiar with how they can work. Please feel free to email me with any questions!!!


  1. Shared the giveaway on FB @ Jennifer Barrowman and Forty toes sent me

  2. Jennifer, did you make a comment on my FB page?? If not leave a comment there, that's where I will be picking a winner from:) Sorry, its a lil confusing!!

  3. Im heading over to mention it on your FB and mine :)



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