Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Paris-Noel!!!

Well, today is the day that I gave birth to Miss Paris-Noel 2 years ago:)
Her due date was in the first week of January but I was already 3 centimeters dilated and my doctor was going out of the country for Christmas.
I panicked and moved my doc appointment up a day (was scheduled for the 23rd).
I went in expecting nothing but got a baby instead!!!
My doctor decided to strip my membranes (VERY PAINFUL!!!!) and I went into full force labor!!! She was born later that day!
I was a little upset with myself since my husband, my dad, and I all share the birthdate of 23. Jorels is in Jan., mine in Feb. and my dads is in March so it would have been 4 of the same birthdates right in a row had I just stuck with my original doc appointment! Ahhhh! Getting mad at myself all over again, lol! Oh well:)

I owe everyone an apology for my last couple of posts! I don't want to come across as if I'm complaining or whining, I just wear my feeling on my sleeve! I have ALL WAYS been that way:) I can't help it, it's the way God made me, tee hee =)Just know that I'm choosing to put that behind me and move forward!
I did not plan a birthday party this year, I have actually postponed it for March. So family members and friends if you read this, I didn't forget about you!:) I'm going to try this while she is still young so if it doesn't work out she will be too young to remember:) I've heard of people doing a half way birthday for Christmas babies but that's just too far away for me, lol! So now I can plan a spring March birthday party!! Yay!

I made Paris a flower just for her birthday and to celebrate I'm going to offer it exclusively to you!:) For today only you can get it at a discounted price with a small shipping charge!:) After today {and once I reopen} it will be its original price. I wanted to offer it all day long but time just didn't permit. I started working on this post as soon as we got back from her birthday lunch:)
It's my tea stained flower done in soft pink and cream, this flower has a larger pearl in the center and comes with a skinny lace headband. I have limited lace headbands so once those sell out I will offer a cream satin headband instead.
You can purchase one here on my blog, just use the paypal button in the right hand side. If you would like one and live out of the US message me for a shipping quote,
I still have one wholesale order I'm finishing up and Christmas gifts {for family} to make and once that is behind me I will be 100% caught up!!!! YIPPEEEE!!!!!:)
Is everyone done with your Christmas shopping?? I'm not! Ahhh! I still have 2 gifts to get and then I'm done:) No biggie.
Merry Christmas!!! 


  1. Such a beauty! Happy Birthday Paris!!! I hope her day is extra special. Hugs!

  2. What a blessing our babies are! Happy Birthday, Paris!

  3. happy birthday sweet little Paris...Prencie, I see your photos all the time on joyfolie, and I always think we have such similar taste and then I finally put together you own this etsy boutique...I also have a feb. 23 bday and my girls are Aspen and London...we must have the same taste for sure! And my Aspen has a bday later this month on the 31st! xoxo Shannon @ Pipsqueak Couture

  4. I always enjoy the posts! Looking forward to many more (:The things given are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone.
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