Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary Baby!! Five years! Wow!

I can't believe it's been 5 years!! I feels like yesterday! I don't have much time so I will be brief! First please excuse the awful glare on the pics!! These are a pic of a pic! I wasn't about to battle scanning my huge photo album on the scanner! We got married at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens during spring time. God could not have blessed us with a better day! I always say it was His wedding gift to us. The cherry blossom trees were in bloom and the weather was gorgeous!                                                         Yes, I had a blush pink wedding dress! It was a pink silk taffeta. I'm not going to tell you what I paid for it or where I found it! ;) It would ruin the idea of it all!!:)               Our first dance, we danced to Etta James "At last". Love that song!                                                                                                                                                   

My flower bouquet made by my mom. Pink peonies, ranunculus, roses and wisps of honey suckle. All of my favorite flowers! I loved it! I didn't want a structured bouquet (which I do love, nothing wrong with those!:) but I wanted something wild and free, as if they had just been picked. Dragonflies were my little motif throughout.Duplicating the picture my parents have on their wedding day, except they were in a VW bug, mine is a VW jetta. My entire family drives VW's. Love those cars. I always joked my dad. I told him he only drives them because they sport his intials, VW for Van Wood;)


  1. Happy 5th Anniversary! Your dress is stunning & so are you! Hope you all had a wonderful night out together. xo

  2. Thanks Mande:) We went to Richmond to their out door mall. They have nicer shops and stores than Va Beach. My poor hubby's been working so much he had no time to get me an anniversary gift so we went to PB to get this bedding that I've been wanting forever! They didn't have it:( Even worse is that I found out it had gone on sale, 70% off! Doesn't that just make you sick!! Grr! I love me a good sale!! =)

  3. What a bummer! Especially when you have your heart set on something, and it goes on sale!! Hopefully you will find something similar.



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