Friday, May 7, 2010

Joyfolie: Joyfolie Giveaway!

What once was Mia Joie is now Joyfolie. I will start from the beginning. When I was pregnant and found out I was having a girl I discovered the world of ETSY. Living in that world was this fabulous shoe shop named Mia Joie.                                       
It was love at first sight!
When I 1st discovered etsy I wasn't sure how it all worked. For some reason I had a hard time comprehending this world of talent and that I could actually purchase handmade items for a fraction of the price that I would pay at a boutique.

Mia Joie was one of those shops.

Somehow I didn't realize that I could save a shop as a favorite and went crazy when I lost my long list of favorite items that I had fell in love with off of etsy. I was beyond excited when I rediscovered Mia Joie last summer. But something was different. There were no shoes in her shop.
Months went by and I just didn't understand how this etsy shop stayed in business with just one item in it. I then checked her sales and was shocked to see how many items had been selling right under my nose.
You see what was happening was she would blog {this was before I even knew what a blog was} about when she was going to list her shoes on etsy. The first time this happened I was still working part time and money was tight. It was a Monday and I saw a pair of the most beautiful peep toe shoes. So I thinks to myself, "hmmm.....if these are here by Fri. I am totally going to get a pair!" They were all gone by the next day!!!??!?!?! I was shocked, I had never heard of anything like this. Well, to make a looooong story shorter I finally snagged a pair of peep toes and can't wait to get more!
 At the brink of opening up her own website Mia Joie was faced with a lawsuit. Having to put everything on hold a new name was needed. Just days ago we all { all as in all of Mia Joie's die hard fan club!} was introduced to JOYFOLIE. Just click on the link to discover the wonderful world of little girl shoes and beautiful accessories, soon to be available to the public.
Joyfolie: Joyfolie Giveaway!

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