Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What I Use To Do before Princy n Paris

One day last week I had to go in for a day to work at my old job.
 I use to be an Interior Decorator for a large corporate store here in my area.
I did this for 9 years before I decided that my heart was no longer in it like it use to be.
 Becoming a mother of 3 caused my focus and wants to change over the past several years.
The hubby and I decided that we would start concentrating on paying off all of out debts and find a way for me to stay at home with our kiddos:)
 This was a somewhat easy and not so easy decision.....I went to school for Interior Design and gave 9 years of my life to a company.
 I didn't want to just walk away from that.
I was blessed with a wonderful boss and she has stressed to me over and over that she didn't want to lose me....permanently. So she came up with a way to keep me around.
All I have to do is go in every several months for one day of work to keep me on the companies budget.
Seemed easy enough....right?
I kept pushing that date back. For 2 months I pushed it.
Well, needless to say I went in.
While I was there I decided to take pictures for your viewing pleasure:)
What woman doesn't like to see furniture?!?
 I was happy to see that ONE of my settings was still somewhat in tact!
It was almost the same as how I left it.
It was also the last setting I did before leaving.
There are different lamps and such that most people of course wouldn't notice....
but I do:)
As you can see there is a couple of things out of place {but if I was still there they wouldn't be}
Don't you just LOVE this zebra settee!!??!?!?
I originally had a yummy chocolate velvet sofa in the place of this green one.
That's the one thing that I hated about doing up a set!
You would get it perfect!
Then is sells!
We use to say that that's when we know we're doing our job right;)
 I have sooooo many pics to share with you but for now I thought that I would just share the one's that I did and then the other pics will be of furniture displays throughout the store.
I'll leave those for another day:)
That's it for now!!
Sorry, I know that I've been neglecting my blog!!! I try and do a post at least once a week and this time I really just did NOT have time!!:) Stay tuned for more showroom pics!!


  1. Lovely Prencie!! I especially love the zebra settee. xo

  2. Beautiful! Looks like a fun job!

  3. I adore all the mirrored furniture!


  4. Lovely Prencie wow that must have been a tough decision. When I was diagnosed with Lupus this year I had to step back from event planning that I have done for twenty years, thankfully I stumbled into what I am doing now it has truly blessed my life. Thank you so much for sharing.

    warm regards

  5. Thanks ladies:) Kate I hear ya! It was hard at first but then once I was here with the kids I knew I had made the right decision:) I had looked into wedding/event planning but didn't want to work my weekends since that's the only time I got to see my hubby {he works nights} but now that I'm home more I get to see him during the days.

  6. Wow - looks like it was such a fun job! Love all of the pictures, Prencie, and can't wait to see more!

  7. You are so talented! Hope you can go back to it some day! XX!

  8. Good job Prencie! You've got great talent, but I so understand that whole pushing going back in thing. It's so hard to leave your babies! :) xoxo

  9. Sure know what it's like giving up things for the three kiddies. You must be extra busy now then!! Thanks for enquiring as to my 'voyage' calligraphy. I'm not sure what state it will be in after the exhibition wear I live so I'll let you know.
    Love your headbands too - they are very varied and beautiful colours




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