Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kissed by Autumn

Made with Weddings and Autumn on my mind....
My GiGi giving me kisses:)
My sister will be going to a wedding next weekend and wanted me to make her a flower accessory to coordinate with the wedding party. She will be the hostess and wanted something special. We went shopping together and found some pretty fabulous things:)
Originally I wanted to mix peacock blue feathers and swarovski crystals in but decided not too at the last minute. I like the neutral color pallette but I'm also itching to do one with the peacock blue!:)
It's so hard to capture on camera the beautiful sparkle that this flower gives off!
Just breathtaking!
I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!!:)


  1. So gorgeous, Prencie! And that last shot of you is just beautiful!

  2. Stunning!! I can see this with peacock blue of my favorite colors. xo

  3. Thank you Jenn and Mande:) I actually hate taking pics of myself!! But I thought that this piece definitely needed to be shown on:)

  4. wow, what a beautiful piece...but an even prettier picture of you - i LOVE that last one!!!

  5. How very glam, I love it!
    Sweet GiGi!

    Have a wonderful week!

  6. Prencie

    Girl your talent Rocks, wow that is some beautiful stuff. Thanks for stopping by, Gigi is adorable.

    have a terrific week

  7. This is just gorgeous! I agree with Kate, you are quite talented - this rocks! And your little one, oh my! She is the cutest!




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