Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back Open for Business!

 Well, I am finally back open for business!!
 I had a much needed break and now I'm ready to work!:)
Here are a couple more new headbands that are now available in my etsy shop
I know I keep saying this but I think that the one above is my favorite!
It's just adorable with the colorful birds and whimsical flowers in all different colors!

This would go with SO much!! =)

What I really love about it is that your little girl could also wear this as a sash!!
 How cute is that?!?!
I'm planning to take pics of Paris wearing it soon, just not sure how soon.
A eclectic mix of colors! This is sure to be a show stopper!:)

Ok, I'm know I've been short and sweet hear lately.....I've just been short on time:)


  1. Those headbands are so unique...any little girl would be thrilled to have them!
    P.S. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog.

  2. Oh you are so talented, love the new looks!!!


  3. Thanks Karen, Jen and Leah!!:) I LOVE the new stuff!! Paris was wearing one of the new ones today and actually kept it on!! :) Maybe there is hope after all!!:)

  4. Love this stuff! I love all the colors, so festive and lovely! XO!

  5. Gorgeous!! All of it!! You know my faves! Cannot wait to share them with Lane. xoxo

  6. Those are so beautiful..I sent the info to my sister..she has 2 girls...She's gonna go crazy when she sees those...She's always fixing up their hair!!!

  7. Hey Jen! Thanks!!:) Yeah, it's so much fun dressing up little girls:) I had two boys first and Paris-Noel is my baby so she will be my ONLY girl!!:)



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