Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hello friends!!! I'm running crazy late so this will be fast! Here is the Hot deal of the day in conjunction with Fabulous Fun Finds! My Holiday Little Women tea stained flower for all ages!!!:) $15 SHIPS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never again offer this clip for that price!!!:) Get it while you can. Just use the paypal button off to the right:) Since I will out and about doing groceries and errands just leave me your email address in the comments or email me at princynparis@gmail.com  incase the Paypal button starts acting up! I've never dealt with the paypal button but I've heard it can be finicky:) I'll invoice you when I get home:)

Also, if you would like this flower with a clip or pin leave in notes to seller when checking out on paypal!:) This flower can be used ALL year around other than just Christmas!!! Winter months, Valentines day, 4rth of july....you get the picture:) HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!:)


  1. Hey Prencie! Hope you are doing well! When is Paris's birthday? I am with you on wanting to postpone Lillie's until March too - haha! It's so hard trying to fit it in with Thanksgiving, Christmas and everything else going on this time of year - ahhh!

  2. I KNOW I KNOW!!! :( I felt soooo ahead of the game months ago just know what i wanted to do for her birthday but then the wholesale orders started and then I had lost my identity after that, lol! Her birthday is Dec. 22nd. Then angels is Jan 26, Jorels, Jan 23, mine is Feb 23rd so March sounded like a good month:) She's almost 2 and won't know the difference, lol! But I do :(

  3. I love this prencie! so cute!! Good thinking and I hope that paypal link worked for you! xoxo

  4. Thank you Amy:) yes it did with no problem!!! YAY!!! hte paypal button may be my friend here in the near future!!:)



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