Tuesday, December 14, 2010

THREE hot deal of the day items!!!!

I decided to do not 1, not 2 but THREE items today for Fabulous Fun Finds
All items are available for purchase to the right------------->
I have limited quantities on hand for each item which is why I decided to do 3!!!
For some reason paypal didn't display the prices...
The Vintage Couture is $14 SHIPPED!!!
The Eclair is $15 SHIPPED!!!
 Sweetheart Bracelet is $14 SHIPPED!!!
AND it comes with a pretty white jewelry gift box!!
Perfect for gift giving!!!!
If you purchase a headband please leave me the age of the wearer in the comments to seller on paypal when checking out! This will save me loads of time and allows me to get your product to you faster!

Depending on how sales go will determine whether or not I will ship them before Christmas!
If you are purchasing for Christmas or as a Christmas gift, PLEASE let me know!!!!
I have somehow lost the help of my sister (she just didn't show up, LOL)
So I have been back to doing everything by myself!
I put 1-2 weeks as my turnaround time due to.....
due to....
well, LIFE! lol!
My husband has a full time job where he works 3-11 P.M.
during the day he works as a contractor so he is gone, A LOT!
Some days I'm able to get a lot done somedays not so much.
It all depends on how my kids are behaving, lol!
If they start getting stir crazy, cabin fever, or just plain bored,  I put everything down and either spend time with them or get them out of the house!
I hope this helps you to understand me a little better and why my turnaround time can be so long!:(
If I had it my way, the MINUTE I receive an order I start on it right away, finish it, package it up and get it in the mail the next day!
One day, hopefully!
Well, happy shopping and Merry Christmas!!
If you have any questions please feel free to email me at Princynparis@gmail.com
                            Here is a pic of Paris wearing the Vintage Couture, one of my Faves!:)


  1. Prencie--
    You are THE BEST!!!! Such beautiful creations! I just got our package in the mail yesterday...the Let Them Eat Cake (to give as a gift), the Let Them Eat Fruitcake, and the Zsa Zsa! Ok, so I feel like the little girl that gets this Let Them Eat Cake headband is sooooo lucky! And I can't wait to show you pics of Marley in her Fruitcake headband. It goes perfectly with her little Christmas outfit she has for an early family Christmas we have this weekend (think red tutu, red/white stripe long sleeve shirt, Joyfolie Kat shoes....Fruitcake headband, to die for)! Also...the Zsa Zsa was ordered for Marley, but I kept trying it on last night! I completely underestimated that headband! It is beyond gorgeous!!!! Me and the hubby just booked a trip to Mexico in February and I have this fab dress that I am going to wear the Zsa Zsa with...it actually looks great when worn kind of bohemian-like...headband across the forehead! Anyway, I'm rambling! Your work is exquisite and I can't wait to buy more! But for now, I must save some money for the holiday shopping I have yet to do!

    Thank you so much for being such a wonderful person and making such beautiful items!


  2. Aww, Stevie, you just made my day!!! It's customers like you who make it worth my while and my every effort!!!! =) I can't wait to see Marley in all of her Christmas wear!!!:)
    I would love to see you in the Zsa Zsa!!!:)



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