Monday, December 13, 2010

Why I do what I do

I captured this picture of Paris last night while asleep.
I don't have many of her sleeping:)
 I didn't dare go into her room when she was a wee babe for fear of waking her.
She is now a better sleeper and I can sneak in there and stare at her from time to time.
She is my heart,
my love,
my life....
She is why I do what I do!
 I would have never thought to make hair accessories with 2 boys running around, lol!
Once I knew I was having a girl I became obsessed with finding the prettiest things to dress her in! I then discovered ETSY!
A whole new world was opened up to me!
I have a love for handmade items.
It's what my mother did for all of the ladies in our church when we were little:)
She made ruffled lace and eyelet socks, sometimes embellished with tiny ribbon rolled roses and satin ribbons. She would make make ruched fabric covered elastic headbands with lace flowers.
On occasion (such as Easter or Christmas) she would make me and my sister matching dresses.
The kind with petti skirts underneath that would allow for maximum twirl power, lol!!
So, I guess you can say I get it from her:)

I have self taught myself how to make everything! I have worked hard on trying to figure out new and different ways to make things work and to offer versatility! I love versatility!!!:)
I have stumbled across copycats here and there. It's not a good feeling seeing someone steal your ideas and make profit from it! One HUGE source of my inspiration has been Joyfolie formally known as Mia Joie. I first discovered her on etsy. She has since then become so in demand that she sells out within seconds of posting the most adorable shoes you will ever see for little girls and some boys!
I am addicted and faithful to her work!
I have so much respect for what she does.

I always love to give credit where credit is due! It's only fair to give the originator the credit for their work and their designs!
Apparently a LOT of people in the handmade world do NOT feel the same.
I stumbled across someone last night who has been using a LOT of my ideas.
I was furious beyond words!
I almost lost my Christianity over it! (ok,not really)
All I could do is sit there and think of everything I wanted to say to this person.
What do you say?!?
"STOP using my ideas!!!"
Um, yeah, like that will work.
All I can do is ask for everyone to have respect for one another and their work.
If you are going to use someones ideas than please give the originator the credit.

Ok, so on a lighter note here is a pic of my new Sweet heart bracelet!!! YAY!
I L.O.V.E it!!!! =)
<3 <3 <3

Made with white glass pearls, pink swarovski jewels and one swarovski heart charm. Beautiful bright pink velvet ribbon tie this beautiful bracelet together:)
I had made Paris many bracelets when she was a newborn.
I made them super tiny and out of elastic string.
She has since grown out of them so I thought I would start making them again!:)
PERFECT for Valentines day or any day!!!

P.S. sorry for my rambling, one good thing about blogs, ya get to vent, let it ALL out and move on! lol! Hugs!
Would also love to hear if you think I should make this one of my Hot deal of the day, items??!!


  1. Love the bracelet! So sorry to hear about your copycat :(

  2. YES! I would LOVE to see this as a hot deal! HUGS! I am sorry someone keeps stealing your ideas!

  3. Aww, thanks ladies!!:) Ya, know after talking to some of you about it it doesn't even really bother me as much anymore:) Thank you SO MUCH for your support! LOVE you guys!!!:)

  4. So precious <3

    Funny you had this as my goal this week was capturing the day-to-day stuff just as it happens.

    She is such a sleeping beauty. I can completely relate to starting my crafts because I had a girl. I started my Sparkle TEES when Paige was just 2 years old and yup I have seen my fair share of copycats. Sorry it happened to you but just keep in mind the original is always the best made ;)

  5. Aww, thank you Meredith!!:) She was up until 12:30 last night so I snuck in there to make sure she was OK. I found her like this:) Her expression was so sweet and pure. :) I don't want to forget these moments:)

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  7. Thanks for bringing back those childhood memories of mom making all sorts of things! You totally get that creative gene from her!

    Love you sis!

    Helen =)

  8. Hey girl,
    I have been MIA for 2 weeks and so happy to have internet access again to catch up with my amazing blog friends. Paris is such a beauty. Love sleeping shots and I also have very few of Lane. So sorry to hear about your copycat too. LOVE your new bracelet. xoxoxo



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