Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Cats Meow

Introducing a new headband named The Cats Meow:)Available in Raspberry, off white, and soft pink.
 I have a love for most things Leopard! Mix in some shabby chic elements and it becomes a must for me!:)
I normally don't do simple...it's just not what I do.
Working as a designer I was told I do frou frou well:)
I actually feel like I struggle with simplicity?! Weird huh?

I decided to do a more simple headband to allow a better price point and a faster turnaround, YAY! Also it's a better choice for everyday use;)
 I LOVE to create more intricate headbands with unique elements but they are more time consuming!:)

I can definitely offer this headband with all the bells and whistles but maybe after the Holidays:)

The off white option is one that will go with so many things!!! I also made this headband with an elastic backing that has slits cut into it and a button is attached to the other end of the headband and you can adjust as your little one grows. I also love the option of using it as a sash with a cute baby doll top or dress!!
I hope to have pics of Miss Paris-Noel modeling it for you soon:)
Each center is made with a Genuine pearl center!
Simply chic!
I'm hoping to finish editing the pics to my families Thanksgiving dinner and blog about it soon!:)
Hope everyone is having a awesome Holiday season so far!

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