Monday, April 19, 2010

The Circus and a Wedding

The circus was in town and we decided to take the kids. All week long we were able to control Princeton a little better because he was so excited to go and all we had to do was threaten to leave him with Grandma. Is that mean? It worked to so well though! After the circus was done and over with Jorel and I wondered what were we going to use now to get Princeton to cooperate. Besides the disciplinary stuff the kids LOVED it!! We haven't gone the last several years because the circus has kind of gone down hill:( Not sure why. Paris couldn't stop screaming and squealing at all of the animals! She danced and clapped almost the entire time we were there:) Well worth it on her end. At some point in the show they had a clown throwing a large balloon in the crowd . Princeton has a HUGE fear of balloons and that kind of ruined the rest of the night for him. He was ready to go home after that.
Parade of the elephants:)

They had EIGHT motorcycles in that sphere!!

Paris loved this!

Last but not least, Sergio and Trina got married today! Sergio is my brother-in-law. It was a beautiful day at the beach, nothing but the minister, family and friends:) A very happy day!


  1. Oh my goodness! I have to tell you I just saw the headband you made to match the Brilla hoodie on Amy's blog and it is GORGEOUS!!!! If I can ever get Lillie to wear a headband again I will be buying one (at the moment she is HATING headbands...little rascal - drives me crazy because I love for her to wear them).

  2. Thanks Jenni!:) I feel ya, Paris doesn't keep anything on either!!:( 1st chance she gets she's ripping ,whatever I have in her hair, out! Grrr! Bracelets, earrings, hair clip-bands, and my newest invention ,flower clips for her shoes, takes them right off. *Sigh* maybe one day she'll want to keep all the goodies on but for now I have to fight with her about it.

  3. Lane is the same way, but I cannot resist a good photo op. Even if she only wears the sweet made to match Brilla headband for pictures, I will have the picture. LOL. Why do they fight us? Up until about 9 months of age Lane let me dress her up in headbands & hats, then suddenly....she would have no part in wearing anything on her head.

    Love the pictures of the circus!!

  4. LOL! Mande, Paris did the same thing to me around the same age, 9 months. I guess that's when they become more aware of what's on them:)

  5. :) Hey Prencie! I saw your comment on my blog and thought I'd leave you a comment here, life has been insanely busy for my hubs and I lately and Jess's blog is blocked at my work... That coupled with long work hours coupled with one car out of commission=long commuting hours means there's rarely hourse left in the day to get over there, so I've had to watch from afar. I'm hoping to be back soon though!

    Oh, and your clips are just stunning! I first saw them over on Amy's blog...I just love them!

  6. Prencie!! I just realized I wasn't getting your feeds, although I thought I was? I think I fixed it now. Your blog looks beautiful! ands I love the post on your name. so cute!



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