Friday, April 2, 2010

New Blog Name

Ok, so I've been thinking for some time about changing the name of my blog. Originally when I started thinking about opening an Etsy shop I had a name picked out but it was already taken. So I checked and Chic Garden was not taken so I went ahead and named my blog "Chic Garden". A lot of time went by and wasn't so sure about the name any more. So when I went with the name "Princy n Paris" I wanted the option to blog about my shop but my blog name didn't coordinate. So I finally changed the name. I want to get better at blogging and start building up my followers so that they, you, will be in the know about what I'm doing and what I'm working on. It also gives followers the opportunity to ask about certain questions about my products and builds a relationship with my customers or future customers;) I will be blogging later about "Whats in a name". Stay tuned:)


  1. Love the name change and I am sure it will help out your Etsy shop! And indeed we must be "kindred spirits" seeing how you just quoted from Anne of Green Gables! Two of my favorites books, and then movies as a girl were Anne of Green Gables (and then Anne of Avonlea) and Little Women! My sisters and I read and watched them over and over and over and even acted them out - haha!

  2. Thank you so much Jenni! Is is Jenni or Jennifer?

    So did me and my sisters! I'm oldest of 4 girls!:) No brothers:( {which is why I was excited to have 2 boys;)}

    Growing up we weren't allowed to watch any tv or PG rated movies so we lived on all the classics and especially Anne of Green Gables!! My sister and her hubby actually went to visit Prince Edward island over a year ago to see all the filming spots of the Anne movies. I was so jealous. Can't remember if I was prego with Paris or if she was a tiny baby when they went. So of course I didn't get to go:( But maybe some day...

    Funny because they were just giving the newer version of Little Women on tv not to long ago. I forgot all about that one.

    I especially LOVE all of the movies of Jane Austin!!:)



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