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Tutorial on how to make a sweet apron and clutch for you little one!!

Wanna learn how to make a sweet apron for you little one? Then read on ladies!! The awesome thing about this project is that you don't even need a sewing machine, just needle and thread!! Yippeee!! For those of you lucky ladies that do know how to use a sewing machine, this will be even easier and faster than the rest of us that don't know a lick about those dern machines! Oh wait, that's me that's so clueless. ;)

Here is a picture of your apron when you are done! Perfect for when your gal wants to help mommy in the kitchen or daddy with the grillin!!:) Or when she just wants to make a beautiful masterpiece!!

Here is a pic of the clutch! Small enough for her to use for her art supplies, snacks, a change of clothes, her dollies, ect.....on and on the list goes :)

It all started when I found this fabulous etsy shop named Olive Rue. I fell in love with her images and finally did something about it! Here is a list of the main items you will need:

only $3.50 an image!! Awesome!! And you can use over and over again!!

2. Avery transfer paper found at Wal-Mart

3. Basic apron, I found mine at Ac Moore

4. Pretty ribbon, I like black and white with the black images, very chic! {All embellishments are found at your local art/hobby store. I get most of mine at Michaels or Ac Moore}

5. Scissors, thread and needle.

6. Scrap floral material if you have any. I like using dresses or shirts that my little one has grown out of and I don't mind cutting up {it's not like I'm gonna have any more kids!!} and cream or off white felt.

7.Buttons or fabric buttons , I happened to have some of those on hand.

8. Some sort of lace to create the ruffles

9. Any other embellishments that you would like to use

After you print image on Avery paper {make sure you switch your image to mirror when you print!!} follow the directions that Avery has for ya.

Next I cut off the straps to the apron {cause I prefer prettier ribbon straps}.

Make sure you leave enough to fold over and sew together to prevent any fraying. I had a picture #3 and when I went to add something else to my sentence on pic #2, I backspaced and pic #3 totally disappeared!!?!?! This has happened to me before and I do not know how to fix or prevent it from happening again!! I am SO MAD at blogger right now!!GRRR!

Ok, on with the tutorial:) {smiling sweetly} Pic #3 was of the apron with the straps all cut off, no biggie.

Next I take some of my fabulous black and white ribbon and sew onto my small little apron. {Trust me I'm no seamstress!!}

Here is a pic with all straps attached:)

Next I sew on {by hand} this quaint cream colored chiffon ruffle. {this is the part where a sewing machine would be useful!!} :)

I doubled up on the ruffle and added a coordinating black and white bow off to one side. {the damask button was an option until I thought of doing a flower instead}

This is where your felt and material come to use. I just cut, free hand, 3 flowers. Small, med., and large. They don't have to be perfect and if they edges start to fray, no problem. It will add character. For those of you who think otherwise you can either add fray check to the ends or singe the ends with heat. Over lap the large material pc to large felt pc and stack your flowers. Sew together and add a small button or pearl for the flower center.

Place flower to the other side and sew on. { I also added some leaves but this is optional} I took some of my floral fabric and used button covers to make the buttons that go on either side where the waist straps are. This covers where you sewed on the ribbon straps. If you don't have button covers (not sure if I'm calling them by the right name) you can use regular buttons:) Voila! Your done with the apron! Isn't she pretty!!??

Ok, on with the small clutch, once you've made the apron this will fly by!:) Iron on your image first. Add the same ruffle material you used for your apron and sew all the way around the top of your clutch.

You can use the same black and white ribbon to make another cute bow off to one side and make another flower like you did for you apron and add to the other.

I did something different though. I got a small wooden birdie (he's light weight) and traced him on the back side of my floral fabric, twice. Make sure you trace one looking one way and the other bird looking the other way, unlike mine in the pic. I did a boo boo.

I then took some spray adhesive and sprayed my birdie and attached the fabric cutout. Do the same for the backside. Then I took a nail and hammer and hammered a small hole on to the birdies back {unless your man has a drill and wouldn't mind helpin ya out}. I then threaded a skinny pink ribbon through and attached to one of the handles of my clutch.

Here is my home made birdie charm with a brass crown charm chillin with its homie ;) I just tied the ribbon on top { sew to make sure it doesn't come untied} and with its strings that were left dangling I attached the bird and brass charm. Ain't it schhwweeeet!!?

All right ladies, I have more to come using more of Olive Rues fabulous prints so stayed tuned, one includes a bag for us, yippee, and the other is using these prints as art work in your home:) Also I will be announcing my FIRST GIVEAWAY either this weekend or on Monday so stay tuned!!! I'm so excited!!

If you have any questions concerning this project just ask!:)


  1. Love this tutorial!! So cute! Thank you for sharing this Prencie.

  2. very cute! I'll have to try this! xoxo

  3. Love the apron, and your tutorial is so awesome! Thank you for linking to my party!



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