Monday, July 12, 2010

My Raspberry Dining Room

I've been talking a lot about redoing the look of my house (sorry to keep talking about it but you guys are my only audience :)
I keep going back and forth...
change it...
leave it...

I struggle a LOT when it comes to making decisions concerning my house....
                           color...{problem is I LOVE color but I also LOVE pure, magical, relaxing, WHITE!}
                           style...{problem is I like soooo many different styles
                        smell...{yes I struggle with smell because one day I want flowery smells and the next I want vanilla or woodsmoke} but this is not a big problem:)

I keep thinking I just may regret changing all of my "color" into pure white bliss.
But why would I regret it if I love it so?!?
I also wish I had a garden so I could show off some beautiful fresh flowers =) But these will have to do until that day comes...
There are 2 furniture pieces that I would grab from my house if it was on fire {children, hubby and dog are already safe!}
That would be my 100+ year old french wood frame sofa and this wooden gold carved mirror:) It is HEAVY! It was another rescue of mine! There's a reason I have flower vines in 2 opposite corners. This mirror was going to get dumped because the top right hand corner is missing. So I put flower vines to cover it's flaw and had to put some on the bottom left corner to balance the floweriness {one of my made up words, shhh, i have many}

See, here's my thing. Why change it when it's fine as is? To answer my own question...because I'm ready for a change!!:) Right?


  1. Yes love it as is, but I love change too so I say go for it!!! Can't wait to see what you do!

  2. I say go for it too! Girl you ae spotless! I could never show pics of the house! It is messy here!

  3. Looks fabulous, I also love color and I love the simplicity of white as well. Great mirror find and it looks so pretty with the flowers. I love vintage stuff!

  4. It really is gorgeous as is. Magazine quality even! But...if you need change, you may just need to do it. I bet you can make it just as gorgeous with white,too.

  5. I totally understand what it feels like to like change...That's why it would be nearly impossible for me to ever live with much wallpaper-repainting walls is so much easier...If you tend to like change and love color, what about painting the room a shade of white and changing out your accents seasonally? In the spring add your shades of Tiffany blue and pink;) and then in the fall add your rasberry-colored flowers, napkins, etc. Sounds like fun! (Your livingroom is very pretty right now, though so even if you have to wait a while at least it looks beautiful!)

  6. I love the gold mirror Prencie. WOW!! The room looks pretty fab as is, but we like change around here too- so go for it and try something you like. If you don't like it, you can always paint it back to the color it was.

  7. Yes, I already have it made up in my mind that I'm ready for a change.
    @ Jenn, girl that's just pics of the dining rm, you can't see the rest of the house! lol!
    @ Mandy (la parisienne) I am totally planning on doing just that!! And yes, it may be a couple of months before I can get the hubby to help me out:)
    Thank you Meredith and Jamie!!! Magazine quality?!! Wow! I take that as a HUGE compliment!! Thanks =)
    Mandy, I'm probably going to paint the mirror white and rub the edges so the gold shows thru. And once that dining room gets painted there's no going back!! We painted it yellow first than painted the raspberry over it and dragged it with a bristle brush. So, there's no way that's going to happen again!;)

  8. i love that mirror---it's seriously fabulous! and i say, if you love it...why change it? i think it looks great as is :)

  9. Such a gorgeous colour! Well done to you!!!
    Hope you are having a gorgeous weekend! x

  10. I love color & white living too! Whats a girl to do? I say go for the white! You can always repaint!
    I'm a new follower!



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