Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4rth of July!

For the past 7 years we have spent our Fourth of July in a small town called Radford, VA. My grandparents bought some property off of the lake in Radford and spent their summers there. Eventually they moved and made it their permanent address. When they passed my father and brother split the land and my dad built a cabin (with his own two hands!!). The only part of the house he contracted out was having the foundation layed and the shingles put on the roof, when you see the pics of the cabin you'll see why. Here is ,by far, my favorite picture {and probably one of the only} of my dad and Paris together. She wanted to help navigate:)

See how big she's cheesin'?:)

My dad bought the plans for his cabin from an architect in Vermont. You can kind of see some similar features of this cabin to some you would see in Vermont. Built to survive a LOT of snow:)

Another view, my mom's still working on landscaping and what not:) They just moved in about a month and a half ago.

The view from their porch. It's hard to tell but it kind of looks like a valley and at the bottom is the lake. Off in the distance you can kind of see where my dad docks his boat.

Here is my lovely mom and sister, Helen:) My mom is so funny! There was a pot hanging in front of her and she snatched that pot and got it out of my picture taking {see it on the coke box} My mom is the opposite of my dad! She LOVES pictures!:) I think she likes showing off her pretty smile!:)

Yumm! Store bought cupcakes! {no time for baking!}

Here is Helen's husband, Josh. Our chef for the night of the 4rth! He made the BEST hamburgers and sizzled up some yummy squash and zucchini!! Double yummm!! :P

My other sister, Martha and my precious Princeton:)

Martha again but with Paris:) She LOVES being on the boat!! One of the words she can say clearly!:)

Ok, on this picture I cheated. Angel wasn't with us for the 4rth. He spends the summers with his dad in MN, so I borrowed this pic from the previous visit to Radford for my baby sisters graduation:) Isn't he so handsome!!! *Sigh* I miss him soooo much!!:(

Speaking of my baby sister here she is about to cut the cake:) Again, this was from the previous trip. I wanted to blog about it and just haven't found the time:)

Well, as for the night of the 4rth, I must say it was the best fourth of July I've ever had!! My dad took the boat out and we watched the fireworks from the water. The locals go ALL out!! They spend thousands and it shows!!! We were seeing fireworks in about 9-12 different locations all at once!!! It was amazing!! Some where closer than others and we were all trying to count the locations that were doing fireworks:) I can't wait for next year!! So, what did you do for the fourth? See any fireworks? Spend time with the family? Cook out!! I would love to hear from you!:) I miss you guys!!! That's the one complaint I have....NO Internet and cell phones!!! I felt so out of touch!!
Hope you had a good one!!


  1. Cute prencie!! So good to "meet" your family. Love their house, looks like a great place to spend the 4th! xoxo

  2. sounds like you had so much fun!! I can see a lot of resemblance between you and your sisters. Well, our 4th of July was the pits. It rained and flooded here in Houston from hurricane Alex. So no fireworks here. I did finger paint with my girls and we blew bubbles and played games on the internet. :) All that matters is my girls and I were having fun together. :) Glad you're back though, I've missed your blog posts. Oh and when it was raining and lightning outside, a lightning bolt hit Kendall's swing (which is totally fried now) and when the bolt hit the ground a ball of it flew up into Courtney's window through her room hitting her tv cable box which started sizzling and bounced through her restroom window. CRAZY, I know. We checked Kendall's swing after the rain stopped and it soldered the chain together, friend the grass and knocked a HUGE chunk of cement out of our sidewalk. So, now there is a huge hole in the ground. Also, when the ball of light came though Courtney's room, her whole room lit up red and made everything turn off including her ventilator and all her other medical equipment. I think my heart stopped I was so scared. But all is good now. :) enough rambling I guess, glad you're back! :)

  3. oh and that house is so beautiful! :)

  4. Looks like you guys had a blast! Small time celebrations are the BEST! Your parents place looks beautiful!

  5. Wow looks like a fabulous holiday weekend, great pictures!

  6. It looks like so much fun, Prencie! You have a beautiful family and that cabin is AWESOME!!! I LOVE the kitchen! Your parents did an INCREDIBLE job!

  7. Happy 4th Prencie!! Looks like such a wonderful trip. We celebrated in the neighborhood this year- low key, but fun.
    Love Paris on the boat- she is so excited to be with her papa!! Your kiddos are beautiful! xo

  8. How fun! I love the house and wouldn't mind spending some time there myself. :) I also love your kids names, too cute!



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