Sunday, July 11, 2010

IIIII'm Dreeeeaming of a Whiiiite Living rooooom.....

Can you hear that song in your head?
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas has been replaced with...IIIII'm Dreaming of a whiiiiite Living roooom!!!

This song has been in my head for the past 2 months or so, maybe longer. Maybe this post will get it out of my head since I'm now putting it on paper screen.

I'm an dying to redo my living room space, dining room, and kitchen. They all kind of flow together so if I change one I have to change ALL! I'm trying to go easy on my handsome handy man! He's been working VERY hard in the past 2-3 months and I don't want him to dread coming home to more work;) Even though he says he doesn't see it that way.

The main thing that has me on hold is slipcovers!!! Does anyone know where I can find some decent white slipcovers for my sofa and chair?!?!?!
I have looked at surefit and Pottery Barn and even Target but the ratings are not that great.

I actually already have a color in mind for the walls (which is backwards for me). In design I never got why people would choose their wall color/s first. I always choose furniture, pillows, rugs, art work first than work from the colors that I see in the staples of your room than pick a color (there are 1,000's of colors to choose from!). To me it seems SO much harder to pick a color first than find furniture to match?!? I don't get it!
But..... after all that being said I think I actually have my color first!!! Only because I'm doing everything in white and then pulling in my colors with my pillows, rug, accessories, art, fresh flowers, ect.... I am finally going to practice what I've been preaching allll of these years!!! So, I will leave you with some pictures that have inspired me and achieves the look I'm going for. Also another recent inspiration for me has been Dreamy Whites blog. If you haven't been to her blog prepare to me WOWED!!! I'm deeply impressed with her decorating skills!!! She has been a HUGE inspiration!

Love these cubby holes!! Cute display idea!! {of course the hubby says to me "I can make that!", so we'll see if he can:) }

Love the look of this farm house table with distressed chippy white chairs {not a fan of the blue plaid seat cushions though}

Love, Love, Love this table with french bistro chairs!!! But I would want mine to be white {of course} I actually was bidding on a french bistro set on ebay. I didn't meet the reserve and so no bistro set for me:(!! Talk about ruining my week!! It was from FRANCE and I LOVED it!! The lady won't return my emails (cause now I'm wanting to buy it at her price) guess it wasn't meant to be...
LOVE, love, love the white painted plank floor with yet again another farm house table with white chairs!! *sigh*
Ok, this is not really part of my all white scheme but I came across this pic after I had already did my work space. See how they used corbels for the base of their desk, uh huh! They have good taste, tee hee;) pic compliments of Restoration Hardware.

On the hunt for a Swedish floor clock. I've loved these clocks since I first discovered design many moons ago!;)
Pottery Barns always got it covered!

L.O.V.E these linen pillows (from restoration hardware and the ones pictures above are P.B.)
I think this may be my favorite dining room!! LOVE! Not sure where I got this pic, sorry! If I find out I'll put in the credits but for now gotta run, the hubby is getting impatient waiting for me to finish! Gotta do groceries.


  1. That last picture of the dining my dream dining room. LOVE! Is that mirror not amazing? So looking forward to seeing what you come up with for your white living room. As far as slip covers I am sorry girl, I am no help. I am always looking for a great deal though so I will keep an eye out for you. xo

  2. i think that anyone that can pull off white with little ones has to be a brave soul! there is no way i can make that happen in the roseland house, but i do think it is beautiful! i love all of the chipped furniture and vintage feel from the pictures you picked!

    good luck finding all of your furniture! as far as slipcovers - have you checked etsy? i have no idea if they have any, but it seems like they have a store for just about everything, so you might try it!

  3. We soooo have the same taste!!!! I love every picture! That first farmhouse table is to die for!!!!

  4. Oh yes I get the urge to do all white but then I think there is no way with the little one! Love these pics though! Those pillow are amazing!

  5. I love my all white house. You can never go wrong with white. :) A year ago I found it was cheaper to just buy a couch and chairs from IKEA than it was to get slipcovers.

  6. I hear that most women (with multiple kids) who have been brave enough to do an all white house say that it's not as hard as it would seem to keep everything clean. I'm up for the challenge:)
    I'm about to give in and just order one of the slipcovers from sure fit, it got better reviews than the P.B. slipcover?!?!

  7. Michelle, I hear ya!! Some of the slipcover prices that I have found that have the "look" I want cost as much as a new sofa!!! Good grief! My husband would NOT let me get rid of our sofa! He tells me I'm going backwards. Replacing all of our new stuff with old chippy antique furniture;)

  8. Lillie! I LOVE that table!! Right now I'm also loving the white planked table Dreamy Whites has!! But our current table has a mahogany top and my hubby will NOT let me paint it!! But the rest of it is yellow chippy paint. Wonder if he'll let me paint the yellow, white....



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