Thursday, July 29, 2010

Paris wearing Eden's Bouquet and Joyfolie shoes:)

About a month ago I was one of the very lucky winners of these gorgeous ruffle jeans from Eden's Bouquet
I have been wanting these jeans FOREVER and the Lord finally answered my prayers!:) If I could I would have one of everything from Eden's Bouquet. I love how classic and vintage her pieces are and how they fit in our modern world.
It's like taking a step back in time....
What I love so much about these jeans is that they are slouchy so as Paris grows they will still fit as capris and then as gauchos then shorts:) Talk about versitility!!

Her she is in her latest Joyfolie pair of shoes:)
I just wanted to do a quick post to say HI! and to thank everyone for their kind comments:) I had no idea that blogging was going to be this addicting when I first started it :0) I will be blogging hopefully later this week if not begining of next more about the new etsy shop. Got a name picked out now just gotta do the rest;)


  1. She looks adorable in the jeans! Beautiful photos!:)

  2. the perfect pairing of two designers!

    new etsy shop? i know i missed a week of blogging because of pageant week, did something major happen that i didn't read? oh no?! hope not, can't wait to see what you have in store!

  3. Thank Jen and Jenni!! =)
    Jenni, no you didn't miss anything big:) I'm opening up a new etsy shop and I'm going to start selling gift tags and small stuff like that, no biggie;)



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