Friday, July 30, 2010

Fall in love, Fall Sneak Peek

Just dropping in real quick to give you a sneak peek of one of my fall items soon to come when I reopen my etsy shop!!
{sometime middle of August}
Hope you like what you see:)
Paris modeling this new headband concept {well at least to Princy n Paris it's new}
It's has ties so you can wear many different ways....
I tied it around her waist as a belt....
Even mommy can wear it! Yay!
OK, I'm not one for braggin {hate braggers} But I can't help it this time.
Princeton took the last 3 pictures you see of me!!!
Is the boy good or what!!
He's gotten ahold of my camera plenty of times and I'm always surprised with the pics that he takes!!! They're actually really good, considering the boy's only THREE!!
Say what!!!
Ok, gotta go for now the kids are running WILD!!


  1. LOVING that first picture of Paris! She looks stunning!

    And you! Wow, don't you look beautiful yourself! That third picture is my fav!

  2. First - LOVE the headband! And second, I agree with the other Jenni - that first picture of Paris is gorgeous! Not only does Paris look stunning the photo is exceptional as well! And you look beautiful too - Princeton may just turn out to be a famous photographer someday - haha!

  3. Thanks Jenni (dear lillie) I always feel like such a dork taking pics of myself but I think it's important to give people a visual;) So this time I asked Prince to be mommy's big helper {he LOVES being mommy's big helper!} and jumped at the chance to take pics and it be O.K. with me to handle the camera =) He gets such a kick out of seeing his pictures:)

  4. Your headband is gorgeous!
    And wow, that's a future photog you've got on your hands there! He is GOOD!!!

    Thanks so much for the visit, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. :-)


  5. This is my first visit here, I found your blog via Fiona & Twig. I loved the comment you made so I wanted to come by for a visit, Paris is so cute and I love your headband, and what a great little photographer you have!!! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  6. Prencie, I left you a comment on my blog

  7. Hi Prencie
    I am so delighted to meet you!!! I love your work and your Paris is divine. What beautiful models you both are. I'm new a follower of you now , hooray for me. Have a wonderful weekend!


  8. BEautiful!! I love everyting, the headband is GREAT! Is the band elastic? Interested in knowing how Paris kept it on and wondering if Evy would? And like everyone else said, you look stunning as well! :) xoxo

  9. Thank you ladies! Hello Kate and welcome!!:)
    Amy, it doesn't have elastic. I made it with 2 long ties that i tied into a bow behind Paris's head. She actually kept it on during the whole photo session:) I made it with ties so that a newborn on up to adult could wear it:) I can make it with elastic if needed.

  10. Oh my goodness!!! Love the pics! Princeton is so good!! The headband is fabulous Prencie!! LOVE! xo

  11. Gorgeous ALL of it! Love the new headband, Paris is a living doll and WOW I love that last picture of you.

  12. Beautiful headbands! Such pretty details! xx

  13. Beautiful headbands and beautiful pictures! I can't believe the ones of you were taken by a 3 year old!



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