Sunday, July 18, 2010

Is cute worth it!?!?!?

Jeez!! Where do I start??
today was a reunion,
a church reunion,
but more like a family reunion.

I grew up in a church where everyone I knew was my family, my church family. My church is no longer.....a long story for another day.
But for today I will talk about my church reunion:)
It was so nice to see people that I haven't seen since I was a little girl!
I wish I could say that my entire experience was a good one
it wasn't!
First, my husband was not there to help.
He is out of town due to a wedding.

Second, I wore 4 inch heels!!
WHAT was I thinking!!

Third, I tried to stuff myself into a prepregnancy skirt (ya know, back when I was a size 0)
I am NO longer that size!!

Fourth, it is freakin' 101+ degrees outside!!!

Fifth, my kids were horrendous!!! And I don't say that lightly!!!

Paris was NOT letting me take pictures!!! She was more interested in climbing on the table!!
Probably because it would act as her stage....
she's a diva in the making!
Peeps were probably wondering "WHY is this lady taking pics instead of disciplining her children!!"
At least I know that I would be thinking that!

Even my mom was like,
"Prencie, why don't you sit at the other table where there's other kids?"
THAT'S how BAD they were being, even Nana didn't want them nearby!!
I was very tempted to stand in the curb with a sign that said
"FREE children!"
Of course I would NEVER EVER EVER do that but I was so over being climbed on, hit at (yes, Paris tried a couple of times!) breaking up the cat and dog fights between sister and brother!

I would go on and on but then you would really think my kids are brats!!

One pic of Paris and me when she was being kind of sweet, see, she's not even smiling sweetly like she normally does.
Why do I even bother?!?!?
Her shoes do NOT stay on!!!
We ate Panera for breakfast.
Me and my 4 inch heels walk back to the car and buckle the kids in...that's when I see a shoeless Paris.
Had to run back inside running around looking for the other shoe!!!
I am so OVER it!
I think she will be barefooted until shoes decide to stay on her feet!!!

So, I started with shoes and now I'm ending with shoes!!
How I LOVE shoes!!!
But, are they worth the stress and pain?!?!
At one point in my life I would have shouted "YES!!!" from the rooftops!!!
But NOT in 101+ weather and in a too-little-of-a-skirt and NOT with 2 VERY Hyper active kids!!!! 

I need a vacation!

xoxo, hope you are all having a much better day than me;)


  1. AWWW! We sooooo have the same taste! I have that dress coming for SM!!!! OOHHH! By the way I sooooo LOVE my new clip from you! You are amazing!

  2. Thank you Jenn!!:) I loved this dress on Paris!! She got so many compliments!!:) I can't wait to order another!:) I'm likin the Bird of happiness dress too:) She has a Marie Antoinette tank from her but it didn't:(

  3. didn't fit was what I meant to write;)

  4. Prencie, what a stressful day!! I have been there. Without Mike I feel so lost at functions with the kids, and they run all over me....I wish I could give you a hug right now. It is ok to want to run away from it all- I feel that way sometimes. These long days are the hardest.
    Prencie looked so cute in her dress & that hair flower!! WOW! OK, add that to my wish list. Seriously- I love it!! Love the damask tie too, and the heels- I am in awe of you to walk in those. I can pull of 3 inches and that is it. :)

  5. Okay - this made me laugh out loud! It is hilarous, although I am sure at the time you were ready to scream - haha! Lillie refuses to keep her shoes on too! It drives me crazy! Literally, both shoes last about 30 seconds and then one is off and then another 30 seconds later the other one is off. The weird thing is she likes wearing them and when she is barefoot points to her feet and goes "shoes, shoes?" I especially love that line about "Peeps were probably wondering "WHY is this lady taking pics instead of disciplining her children!!"
    At least I know that I would be thinking that!" HAHA!!!!

  6. Oh, and by the way - where did you get that dress for Paris? I LOVE it!

  7. Aww, Thanks Mande!:) Means a lot! It's good to know that I'm not the only mom out there about to lose it from time to time:)
    Yeah, won't be doing the high, high heels with the kids any time soon;)

  8. Ha ha! I can laugh about it now Jenni!=) But trust me! I was not laughing most of Sunday :(
    YES, I LOVE her dress too!!! I've been drooling over Amelie Jo's stuff for some time and finally got around to ordering her a dress and Marie Antoinette Tank! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! She tea stains her clothing and embellishes beautifully!!:) You can find her at

  9. Prencie, I am so sorry that you had such a rough day on Sunday. Kids change our lives so much. It's funny how much time I used to spend getting ready before Jude now all the time is spent on him and I am runny out the door feeling thrown together...

    LOVE her dress, it is really stunning

  10. Thanks Alisha!! I remember the 1st Sunday I got ready for church with my 1st born. What an eye opener!!! First time mom, 1st time breastfeeder!! I would feed Angel have enough time to jump in the shower get us both dressed and ready only to have to feed him again!!! A 3 hour preparation! Good grief! Now I can get everyone ready, hubby and all, in about an hour!;) That includes baths!

  11. Hey- another typo...LOL...are you surprised? I said Prencie looks so cute in her dress- I meant to say Paris. This mama needs some sleep. Hugs to you!! xo

  12. free children sign...i've totally tried that. totally kidding, kind of.

  13. Okay, so you couldn't get pictures of the dress, but that little boy sure is cute!

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  15. All I can say is I can't get over how cute your little girl is! That flower is just the cherry on top!

    BTW love those shoes!!


  16. Oh dear sounds like a bit of a disaster... Still, you do have such gorgeous children!!!

    Thanks for coming by Ada & Darcy this week. Hope you are having a delightful weekend! Kellie xx

  17. Ok, this is how I feel EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY!! My kids are off the hook CRAZY on sundays. What is the deal? Anyway, it made for adorable pictures. I love them!! xoxo

  18. Prencie-
    Your kids are adorable even when they are misbehaving- the dress on Paris is TDF! Amelie-Jo's stuff is amazing! Makes me wish my kids were little again. Yes, you will get there one day.... They grow up too fast! I remember some of those bad days, and now look back on them with a smile. I am sure you are an amazing mom-- kids have their days as do parents but in the end it is all worth it.

  19. sorry but making your post has made me feel sooo much better - not ina bad way - in a good way - we went out the other weekend to a bbq - with people who didnt have children - I spent 3/4 of it stressed as my children had decided they didnt want to play nice and I was getting more and more aaaagh - put that chair down - stop rocking backwards and forwards on that - dont touch that - eat your food nice - come back here and then they made me sooo proud just before the end someone came with a real small toddler - my two were adorable with him and kept entertaining him whilst remaining really gentle and kind - hey I was so darned proud - and thought I bet they were bored before and thats why they had been little horrors but to know you are not alone - golly it makes such a difference doesnt it

  20. love your design, love your heart. Nice to meet you!



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